GODAFTON LED tealight, in/outdoor, battery-operated/natural
GODAFTON LED tealight, in/outdoor, battery-operated/natural
GODAFTON LED tealight, in/outdoor, battery-operated/natural
GODAFTON LED tealight, in/outdoor, battery-operated/natural

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The LED candle gives a cosy flickering light like a real candle. It is a safe alternative for homes with children, and can be used as a decorative light anywhere without the risk of fire.Convenient and easy to use, since the built-in timer automatically turns on the light at the same time every day and then makes it shine for 6 hours.The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.Since they are also approved for outdoor use, you can decorate your patio or balcony with the lights.Batteries are sold separately. IKEA recommends PLATTBOJ lithium battery CR2032 3V (6 pcs). 6 pcs required.Approved for outdoor use.The built-in timer is pre-set for the light to stay on for 6 hours. It will then automatically turn off for 18 hours before it turns back on again.PLATTBOJ lithium batteries CR2032 3V give 70 hours of light. It will last approx. 12 days if used 6 hours per day.Built-in LED light source.LED life time approx. 20.000 hours.Light colour; warm white (2500K Kelvin).
  • ABS plastic
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.
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6 pack


Great lights on a timerPetraLRBright lights, easy to use.5
GODAFTON LED tealight, in/outdoorSharjamI love these little tealights. They can be set to operate for 6 hours and come on automatically. I used them to have a light on each stair over Christmas but will use them all year now. They are safe and bright5
Disappointing that batteries weren"t supplied.Scat99Work fine but as no batteries were provided made them quite expensive.3
Candlelight that"s child friendlyJoJCThe candle you can LIGHT with children present4
Give a lovely glow wherever you put them.Honey59I love these little lights, I have them all over my living room. The 6 hour timer means you can set them to come on at different times and the batteries last for ages. A super safe alternative to candles, I would highly recommend these.5
Great little tea lightsJuliehertsBought these and I am so very please with them , they have a six hour timer so if you put them on at 4pm they stay until 10 pm and then come on again at 4 the next day.Excellent , you do need to buy batteries but they were only £15
Perfect for around tvlagra2These candles are great to use in places where you can't use real candles due to heat, like best your TV or in a shelving unit. Turn them on and 6 hours later they will automatically turn off then will automatically turn on sat the she time the next night5
Great tealightsMr MWell made, When you switch on they stay on for six hours then automatically switch off, next day they automatically switch on at the same time you switch on the day before and again six hours later switch off and this continues. Saves on battery's. ours have been running for around 3 weeks so far. Note you need to purchase battery's CR2032.4
Looks lovely in candle holdersLLM24Excellent value for a timed light up beach night5
Xmas tea lightsDixie 1Good product but no batteries included these were a pound extra. I think these could have been included . I assumed they were until I asked for a spare pack, these were no where near the tea lights.4
GODAFTON LED tealights - AMAZING!!!!MariePkSo good, they flicker like real tealights & if left turned on they will automatically turn off after 6hrs, then come back on again in 12hrs, perfect!!5
Look sturdyJanghBought these for a friend. Cheaper ones available elsewhere but these look much more sturdy3
R J 1Looks great once turned on and displayed. Beautiful shape & of course, very safe to leave unattended.5
Look so realisticThekazterI am growing back for some more really pleased and love they way they time themselves for six hours , so no need to go round turning them off, the only downside they gave no batteries you need to buy separate and this is not made clear.5
OkPamela 70Was a bit disappointed, there was no batteries in them, so it worked out more expensive than I expected it to be2
Chantelle tPlease note you need to pick the batteries as jot included, packaging doesn’t advise this!!!!!!3
Timer tea lightsBattery tea lightsThese are brilliant and in my opinion they aren’t advertised very well, I mean there isn’t many timer tea light about so tell everyone about them5
Perfect electronic tealightMypanda56The flame flickerks like a real candle. I bought 4 packs to celebrate Diwali. I put all 24 in a straight line in the hall and turned the main lights out. The result was stunning and no need for real flames. I will definitely buy some of the pillar candles now.5
Gt TealightsSusan SwannBrilliant tea lights that flicker and now design improvement with a PROPER ON /OFF Switch5
MRSJo wilsonBeautiful lights bulbs !!!5
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LED tealight, in/outdoor, battery-operated/natural

£5/ 6 pack
£6/ 6 pack
Batteries are sold separately. IKEA recommends PLATTBOJ lithium battery CR2032 3V (6 pcs). 6 pcs required.
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GODAFTON LED tealight, in/outdoor, battery-operated/natural


£5/ 6 pack
£6/ 6 pack