The light panel brings light to your darkest spaces – connect one or more and steer the light via your remote or smartphone. Dim up or down and set the scene for cooking, reading, watching TV or working.


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With a smart LED light panel you can adapt your lighting to different activities, for example a warmer light for dinner and a brighter, colder light for working.You can use TRÅDFRI remote to control up to 10 LED light panels, LED light bulbs or LED light doors which will react in the same way - dim, switch off, turn on, and switch from warm to cold light in 3 steps.When you add TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app, you can create several groups of light sources and control them in different ways.Download IKEA Home smart app for free via Google Play or App Store, depending on which mobile device you have.A great choice when you don't have enough natural light at home or at the office.Luminous flux: 2200 lumen. Power: 29 W.Energy consumption: 84.68 kWh/year, if the LED light panel is lit up to 8h/day.This product allows wireless dimming. With IKEA Smart lighting, you can dim your lights without a wired-in installation.TRÅDFRI remote control is sold separately.The LED light panel is not suitable to use with wired dimmers.In some countries electrical installation work may only be carried out by an authorised electrical contractor. Contact your local electricity authority for advice.Can only be used with IKEA Smart lighting products.Built-in LED light source that lasts approx. 25,000 hours.The colour temperature can be switched between 2200 Kelvin (warm glow), 2700 Kelvin (warm white) and 4000 Kelvin (cool white).This product bears the CE mark.Works with IKEA Home smart.Can be mounted in the ceiling or on the wall.Transformer included.Complete with FÖRNIMMA power supply cord (sold separately), if you don't want a wired-in installation.Complete with FÖRNIMMA intermediate connection cord (sold separately), if you want to connect more LED light panels.Designer

Mikael Warnhammar

Technical information


LED light panel

Brand nameIKEA
Model identifierL1528 FLOALT
This luminaire contains built-in LED lampsA++ to A

Product size

Luminous flux: 
2200 lm
30 cm
90 cm
4 cm
29 W


Poorly labelleddjf1Difficult to buy, as codes were out of date. Difficult to know what else was needed. Large panel needs one to buy an additional remote control, while the smaller ones have one in the package. But you don't know this until you see the boxes for the first time when they emerge from the stores following purchase. It seems to be a good product, but badly supported in the store. (Croydon)4
Strobing Violently after a year!Disappointed and PoorerAt £115 each I expected the panel to last longer than this! Installed last summer it has now started strobing so violently I can't have that light turned on at all. It's ok if you only want dim light, so as to not walk into the furniture, but as soon as you turn it up to a useful level the flashing is unbearable. NOT suitable for a home where anyone suffers from epilepsy or migraine. Am deeply disappointed. Especially as this had been so good when it worked that it was like having a skylight in the ceiling. Don't think I'll recommend this to friends after all.1
products, staff and store outstanding.Jamesehwproducts, staff and store outstanding. Drops mike.5
Like daylight but 1 design faultRed dragonThe light itself is excellent, with 3 colours of white and dimmable. Only problem is daft connector that doesn't connect to 5A cable, so after it failed to work, I had to check the circuits use a standard connector that fitted fine. If you are connecting a flexi cable its fine, but a 5A solid copper cable does not connect - just change to a screw type connector block4
Just what we wantedFabfran2756These are great in our modern minimalist room. Light intensity and tone can be easily adjusted. The ones on the ceiling were mistakem by a friend for skylights!5

LED light panel, dimmable/white spectrum30x90 cm

TRÅDFRI remote control is sold separately.
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FLOALT LED light panel, dimmable/white spectrum, 30x90 cm



Energy class

Brand nameIKEA
Model identifierL1528 FLOALT
This luminaire contains built-in LED lampsA++ to A