FLINTAN Office chair, Vissle black
FLINTAN Office chair, Vissle black
FLINTAN Office chair, Vissle black
FLINTAN Office chair, Vissle black
FLINTAN Office chair, Vissle black
FLINTAN Office chair, Vissle black
FLINTAN Office chair, Vissle black
FLINTAN Office chair, Vissle black
FLINTAN Office chair, Vissle black
FLINTAN Office chair, Vissle black

Product details

10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.You can lean back with perfect balance, as the tilt tension mechanism automatically adjusts the resistance to suit your weight and movements. You sit comfortably since the chair is adjustable in height.Your back gets support and extra relief from the built-in lumbar support.The safety castors have a pressure-sensitive brake mechanism that keeps the chair in place when you stand up, and releases automatically when you sit down.Increased stability since the tilt function is lockable when the backrest is in the upright position.The castors are rubber coated to run smoothly on any type of floor.May be completed with NOMINELL armrest; relieve strain on arms and shoulders.May be completed with KOLON floor protector.This chair is tested and approved for office use.This chair has been tested for office use and meets the requirements for durability and stability set forth in the following standards: EN 1335 and ANSI/BIFMA x5.1.Designer

Henrik Preutz

  • Seat:Layer-glued wood veneer
    Back/ Star base hub/ Star base leg/ Adjustment lever:Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Seat foam:Polyurethane foam 35 kg/cu.m.
    Lumbar cushion:Polyester wadding
    Cover plate/ Castor:Polypropylene plastic
    Total composition/ Mesh:100% polyester
    Fabric:7% cotton, 20% modacrylic, 73 % polyester
    Seat cushion:73% polyester, 20% modacrylic, 7% cotton
    Back fabric:84% polyester, 12% modacrylic, 4% cotton
    Fabric:100 % polyester
    CoverLight stains can be removed with textile cleaner or a sponge damped in water or a mild soapy solution.
    FrameWipe clean with a mild soapy solution.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • FLINTANOffice chairArticle no.:803.368.43
    Width: 48 cmHeight: 15 cmLength: 74 cmWeight: 14.38 kgPackage(s): 1

Product size

Tested for: 
110 kg
74 cm
69 cm
Min. height: 
102 cm
Max. height: 
114 cm
Seat width: 
47 cm
Seat depth: 
48 cm
Min. seat height: 
47 cm
Max. seat height: 
60 cm


JoEatsI purchased this as it seemed ideal for my rather oversized backside, the arm rest allow me pull myself up whilst giving out a loud groan ( the type elderly people do! I’m only 41!!). It’s in my study which looks nice, I sit for a long time working out finances that allow me to squirell away cash from my handsome, hardworking husband who is perfect in everyway and doesn’t ask for much. In fact I am so lucky to have him I may buy him a gift later on.4
Not suited for regular office useZoe_I bought this chair in Novemeber 2015. I am 170 cm tall and weigh on average about 74 kg. I use this chair for work (40 hours per week) and private desk things (average ca 15 hours per week). What I really like about this chair is the netted backrest. Very pleasant in summer and if need be, in winter I hang something cosy over it to help staying warm and the netting still provides ventilation. The mechanical parts, including castors, are still in fine working order. But the seat really spoils this otherwise fine chair. After about a year the foam in the middle of the seat and towards the front became so thin that I needed to use a cushion to be able to sit on it for longer than an hour or so. A few months on, the area in the middle felt as if no foam was there at all (this is not an exaggeration; it is how it really went with my chair). Really very disappointing. I have tried various different cushions but didn't fiind one that works. Also the seat seems to be tilting forwards ever so slightly (but that might the effect of the flattened foam) so to sit upright I have to make a hollow back or I have to lean forward a bit to keep the back straight which means I need to rest some of my weight on my arms which really hurts with all the hours I spend at the desk. Having said all the good things about the backrest, I cannot use it when I need my hands on the desk. That is because the seat is quite deep and in order to use the backrest fully I have to slide to the back of the seat so that all but about two inches of my thighs rest on the seat which after a while is unpleasant (mainly due to the flattened foam) and prevents good blood circulation in my legs. Also, as the upper part of the backrest is slightly curved backwards, if I want to rest the upper part of my back I need to lean slightly backwards and if I need my hands on the table I have to move the chair so close to the table, that the edge of the table presses into my belly (remember what I said about having to sit with a hollow back, so my belly is sightly protruding and in this position the lumbar support is no use, either). I suppose the deep seat and the shape of the backrest might be of advantage for people of larger proportions, though. But the additional weight that comes with larger proportions will probably wear out the foam even quicker as in my experience. If this chair had proper foam (or whatever else) on the seat I think it would be a very good one, especially for people with a sizeable backside or people who prefer to lean slightly backwards when sitting at a desk. For a chair said to be for office use, in my opinion the quality (or lack of it) of the foam for the seat is unacceptable. It makes the chair unsuited for office use. For a few hours here and there it might be fine for years but not for office use. The 10 year guarantee sounds good. But the way I understand the guarantee brochure, it is not valid for the foam of the seat.2
Can feel the seat base through the cushion.APB44I have been using this seat 5 days a week for 7 weeks and in the last week I've noticed I am sitting on the hard base of the seat, the cushioning has flattened and I am now finding it uncomfortable. My wife has a different Ikea office chair which has been used regularly for longer and the cushion is still supportive. Surprised at this poor quality from Ikea.1
OK chair, but not for meBsuijeBought this chair as I was looking for a more ergonomic solution for longer term home working due to Covid. I have found it to be only marginally better than my previous solution (which was IKEA Stefan chair + 2 cushions). The seat is quite deep, so I have to use a pillow anyway in order to be able to put my feet firmly on the ground. That removes some of the benefit of the lower back support. The padding on the seat is also quite thin, so sitting down gets uncomfortable quite quickly. I also think the fabric of the chair creates a lot of static electricity, as I have started experiencing more electric shocks when touching metal things since I’ve had the chair.2
Decent mechanics but awful seat.JamesUKHad this chair a week and I wish I could return it. The padding on the seat is nowhere near the amount needed for prolonged use. After around 30 minutes of use it becomes unbearable. Very disappointed.1
Lockdown loveKerry73I bought this as I was now working from home and it has been a joy. No aches/pains. I feel fully supported.5
Easy to put together and comfortableJo5151Easy to put together and comfortable. Great price too!5
Decent budget home office chairHowmexBought ahead of the C-19 virus as presumed if be working from home more. This is very good value and very comfortable. The adjustable (lockable) backrest in addition to height is great, as is the (non adjustable) lumbar pad located just at the right height. Minor gripes would be that the backrest doesn't sit up far enough, and that the castors lock when you're not sat in it: so you have to kind-of pick the chair up to move it. Otherwise though, having now sat in this all day every day for the last week, I'd recommend to others looking for a budget home office chair.3

Office chair, Vissle black

FLINTAN Office chair, Vissle black
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FLINTAN Office chair, Vissle black