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Battery is sold separately; 1 pc AAA required.

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It’s easy to forget, but with CHILIPULVER watering sensor your potted plants never need to wait for water. Place the sensor in the growing media – when it's time to water, it flashes blue to remind you.

Article Number204.050.28

Product details

The sensor reminds you when your plant needs water.

Place CHILIPULVER plant watering sensor in the growing media of your potted plants. The sensor flashes blue when it is time to water. When not flashing, do not water.

The sensor indicates the need for water based on 3 levels – rarely, medium frequency and often. Set the sensor according to the amount of water your plant needs.

The 3 levels of the sensor correspond to our potted plants levels for water needs.

Only recommended for indoor use.

Remove the battery when the watering sensor is stored or not in use.

When the sensor flashes red, you need to change the battery.

Battery is sold separately; 1 pc AAA required.

Article Number204.050.28


Height: 23 cm

    Plant watering sensorArticle no.204.050.28

    Width: 9 cm

    Height: 2 cm

    Length: 29 cm

    Weight: 0.06 kg

    Package(s): 1


UselessVerified BuyerI put it in wet soil, dry soil, just kept flashing.1
Happy plantsAnnaFDDI have no idea why some people didn’t get good results - for the first time in my life my plants are thriving instead of enduring. I have something like two dozens of these and half dead plants have been dragged back from the brink of death and are buzzing with joy. The Beaucarneas are like fountains, the Benjamina are putting out glossy leaves, the Draceanas are tall and lush and the leaves are green from root to top. It doesn’t work with orchids because even the lowest setting keeps flashing urgently when I know that the bark is plenty moist; but for everything else I am absolutely in love with this product.5
Totally uselessLemursFlashes the whole time. Wet soil, dry soil, no soil.... Useless.1
Had great potential, was a big let downEleanorAndPlantsI bought several of these as I have quite a few plants, but just tested one to start off with. It was easy to get the battery in, and I thought it was great that it had a way to change the level of dryness that it would start flashing at... however, initially I couldn't make it stop flashing, including by actually placing the sensor directly INTO water. Seemed to have a mind of its own for a while, but I persisted. Eventually managed to get it to behave as expected, in a watered plant, sensor light not flashing, and sensor set to the driest setting. Left it and waited to see what would happen. Eventually, days later, the sensor started flashing, but when I examined the soil it seemed damp on top. I used a moisture meter I have and the soil was still well into the 'moist' range. Bearing in mind I had set the sensor to its driest level, this is really poor and if I had followed what the sensor suggested I'd be drowning my plants. Pros: The blue light is a nice colour. Would be easy to use if the sensor actually did what it was meant to do. Cons: You will kill all your plants if you follow what the sensor is suggesting about needing water.1
plant indicatorHelenGJI do not understand the product. The instructions are bare minimum. Once battery put in all it does is flashes. Will be returning it.1
Great little gadgetIkeaaddictionI now own several of these. Makes caring for plants so much easier as takes out the guess work of when to water. Hopefully my plants stand a better chance of surviving!! If used with ikea plants you can adjust the setting according to the watering instructions on the plant pot label.5