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BEKANT office desks

Step right up to a new work routine – and rack up more daily steps – with a standing desk. Changing positions between sitting and standing at a sit stand desk helps you move your body, so you feel better and work how you want. Because after all, your desk isn’t your boss.

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Are standing desks better for you?

Standing desks, or adjustable standing desks, do have some clear benefits. Shifting positions is often considered key to avoiding back, neck and leg pain.

With a standing desk, you can also reduce time spent sitting. This can be a great improvement for your health, since large amounts of time spent sitting can have adverse health effects.

Do standing desks burn calories?

Standing at your desk does burn more calories than sitting. But only slightly. The greatest benefit of standing desks is that it allows you to avoid sitting for long stretches. This, and that changing positions is good for your neck and back. If you’re looking to burn a few more calories, you’ll get better results by taking a short walk during your break.