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Bathroom cabinets

Think of humble bathroom cabinets as magic makers. They free up valuable counter space around the sink (essential during that morning rush), keep essentials nice and tidy, and also keep them hidden from view. It's no trick - just super smart.

Bathroom storage for a clean and calm feel

The less clutter there is, the less chaotic you’ll feel, and the easier getting ready will be. Whether you’re looking for a wash-basin cabinet for a small space, a generous wall cabinet for all your towels or a stylish shelf to display your bottles – here are storage ideas to help you unwind.

A NYSJÖN wash-basin cabinet in white is placed in a dark and small bathroom filled with towels, accessories and a plant.
A white open ENHET wall frame with shelves is hanging on a white bathroom wall. It’s filled with bottles and small boxes.
A high GODMORGON cabinet in grey and grey GODMORGON cabinet with two drawers in a dark green bathroom
A white HEMNES wash-stand with two drawers under a white glass cabinet in a brown bathroom, lights coming in from a window.
A white ENHET wall cabinet is placed in a bright family bathroom. One door is open and filled with soap bottles and toys.

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More optionsFAXÄLVEN Mirror cabinet w built-in lighting 80x15x95 cm

FAXÄLVEN Mirror cabinet w built-in lighting, oak effect, 60x15x95 cmFAXÄLVEN Mirror cabinet w built-in lighting, oak effect, 100x15x95 cmFAXÄLVEN Mirror cabinet w built-in lighting, oak effect, 60x15x95 cmFAXÄLVEN Mirror cabinet w built-in lighting, white, 60x15x95 cmFAXÄLVEN Mirror cabinet w built-in lighting, white, 100x15x95 cmFAXÄLVEN Mirror cabinet w built-in lighting, white, 60x15x95 cm
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The bathroom should be a place of rest and relaxation. Our own home spa where we can unwind, have a long cleansing bath or a hot shower. And to help put our minds at ease, it helps to have a tidy and clutter free environment.

This where the humble bathroom cabinet can help you. It can easily store all your bathroom essentials while also adding to the style and feel of your soothing decor. Create the restful vibe you want with a bathroom cabinet from IKEA.

Storing and organising

A bathroom cabinet has a superpower – it keeps all your necessities within reach but out of sight. And you can also get super organised inside your cabinet with adjustable shelves.

That means you can have all your morning necessities on one shelf, and your evening essentials on another. Or you can have a separate shelf for each member of your family. Maybe put your teethbrushing gear on one shelf, hair products on another and creams and salves on a third. That’s the beauty of it; how you organise your bathroom cabinet is entirely up to you.

Large selection of bathroom cabinets

Your bathroom cabinet isn’t just a storage unit. It can also add to the style and design of one of the most important rooms in your home. That’s why we offer a large selection of bathroom cabinets in many styles, sizes and colours. If you’re having a hard time choosing, we’re here to help – just keep on reading.

Where do you need the extra storage?

Do you want a cabinet above your sink? Or one under it? Or maybe even a freestanding bathroom tallboy? We have a wide selection of each. So, begin with deciding where you want your cabinet to narrow down the choices.

Mirrored bathroom cabinet above the sink

Fancy a classic mirrored cabinet above your sink? A tip is to create a symmetrical, uniform look in your bathroom by matching the width of your cabinet to the width or the sink.

The depth of your sink will also help to narrow down your choice. If your sink is shallow, you’ll need a bathroom cabinet that doesn’t reach out too far from the wall. Otherwise you’ll risk banging your head every time you lean over your sink. So, measure carefully and check each product’s detailed information for specific dimensions before making a choice.

Storage space under the sink

Another good option for storage and style is having a bathroom cabinet under your sink. It doesn’t take up more floor space than your sink does, but it offers more convenient storage. They also improve the look by hiding the pipes.

Free-standing or wall mounted

With a large selection of wall cabinets and bathroom tallboys, both free standing and wall hung, you’ll find cabinets that fit in any bathroom. That way we’ve got you covered even if your needs for bathroom storage grow over time. Make use of your bathroom walls with handy wall mounted cabinets, a perfect choice for the smaller bathroom.

But if you have some floor space to spare, a tall bathroom shelf is a space efficient super-storer. They can either hold a lot of your essentials or be the new home for your favourite bathroom accessories or decorations.