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Make that fresh taste last longer

Cook it, serve it (or store it) then enjoy the eating part Bored of serving the same thing? Want to try preserving your own homemade treats? Or think you lack the space to store it all? Here are some of our favourite cooking ideas that will have you falling in love with food all over again. Back to IDEAS

Nor’s plates full of delicious raw food ingredients
Bulbs like onions and garlic, store better in the dark. Just make sure they’re away from heat and moisture
Autumn might mean the end of your suntan but it’s a fantastic season for getting stuck into making things at home. All the great produce that’s been ripening through summer is now perfect to be cooked up into pickles, preserves, pies, or even glorious big one-pot stews.
Make your homemade goodness even better by decorating the bottles, boxes and packages you put them in.
Combine fresh salad, herbs and lime with the IKEA veggie balls for a delicious wrap
Assemble a delicious Moroccan dinner with rice and chicken and some tasty sides for an easy Monday meal.
Summer fruits and vegetables can be frozen, dried or preserved for you to enjoy all year.
A wall with stainless steel rails filled with pots, pans, chopping boards, grater and kitchen utensils.
A muffin tin filled with carrots, tomatoes, corncobs, cauliflower, radishes and dip.
A display of different food containers and glass jars.
A picture where different containers are prepared for a picnic
A bird’s eye view of a pot of steaming rice pudding fresh from the oven placed on a rustic wooden work bench
A bird’s eye view of a dining table with lots of different dishes with food from around the world. The tablecloth is old newspapers and flags are used to label the food dishes.
A bird’s eye view of aA close up image of a red painted napkin folded and wrapped with twine and foliage and placed over a bowl on a table setting.
A family sitting in their living room eating Christmas dinner, picnic style. Two are sitting on the floor, one on the sofa and one on an arm chair.
A bird’s eye view image of baking equipment, as well as ingredients for making apple crumble and prepared apple crumble made in two ways.
Kitchen with spice storage made of magnetic jars on magnetic boards
Three wooden IKEA shelving units holding jars, containers and bottles of preserves and dry goods.
The recipe for perfect homemade tomato ketchup
Two hands cupping a batch of blackberries.
Stainless steel IKEA rails fixed across a window with containers holding wheatgrass.
Three wooden IKEA shelving units holding jars, containers and bottles of preserves and dry goods.