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Flexible floor-to-ceiling storage

Looking for storage that’s easy to adapt to your needs and space? Try our build-as-you-like STOLMEN storage system. It’s based on long poles that you fix to the ceiling or wall. Then you attach your choice of shelves, drawers, hooks and more to the poles. It’s perfect for everything from a big walk-in wardrobe to a hat and shoe rack in the hall.

STOLMEN end fitting, white Length: 8.3 cm Diameter: 4.6 cm Package quantity: 4 pack
end fitting
/4 pack
Length: 8.3 cm, Diameter: 4.6 cm, Package quantity: 4 pack
STOLMEN mirror with storage unit, white Width: 30 cm Total depth: 24 cm Total height: 175 cm / 175 cm
mirror with storage unit
Width: 30 cm, Total depth: 24 cm, Total height: 175 cm / 175 cm
STOLMEN post, white Min. height: 210 cm Max. height: 330 cm Thickness: 5 cm
Min. height: 210 cm, Max. height: 330 cm, Thickness: 5 cm
STOLMEN shelf, white Width: 110 cm Thickness: 3.0 cm / 3.0 cm Max. load: 25 kg
Width: 110 cm, Thickness: 3.0 cm / 3.0 cm, Max. load: 25 kg More options