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Paper and media boxes

Box it in

The TJERNA boxes with lid are easy to pull out and lift as the box is sturdy and has cut-out handles. It's perfect for for newspapers, photos or other memorabilia, and the included label holder helps you to create an overview to quickly find your things!
Available in several colours, you mix and match according to taste, space and need.
Plus they fit perfectly on our KALLAX cube storage units.

DRÖNA box, light pink Width: 33 cm Depth: 38 cm Height: 33 cm
Width: 33 cm, Depth: 38 cm, Height: 33 cm More options
LEKMAN box, red Width: 33 cm Depth: 37 cm Height: 33 cm
Width: 33 cm, Depth: 37 cm, Height: 33 cm More options
BLADIS box with lid, black Width: 27 cm Depth: 35 cm Height: 18 cm
box with lid
Width: 27 cm, Depth: 35 cm, Height: 18 cm
KUPOL castor, light grey Building height: 5 cm Package quantity: 4 pack
/4 pack
Building height: 5 cm, Package quantity: 4 pack
KUPOL pull-out storage unit, white Depth: 18 cm Width: 13 cm / 13 cm Package quantity: 2 pack
pull-out storage unit
/2 pack
Depth: 18 cm, Width: 13 cm / 13 cm, Package quantity: 2 pack
KVITTRA box with lid, multicolour Width: 15 cm Depth: 15 cm Height: 15 cm
box with lid
Width: 15 cm, Depth: 15 cm, Height: 15 cm
NIPPRIG 2015 storage box, black, water hyacinth Depth: 30 cm Width: 50 cm / 50 cm
storage box
Depth: 30 cm, Width: 50 cm / 50 cm