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Get your home Ramadan ready

You need this in your kitchen

Prepare your favorite Ramadan dishes with our convenient kitchenware. From a mixing bowl with a lid to let your dough rise perfectly to a kitchen rail where you can hang all your most used kitchenware.

Has the sun set? Time to eat!

Serve your artwork on a beautifully set table. Use a serving stand for dates, sun-dried figs and other sweets. You will also need plates for the delicious appetizers. Start with a bottom plate, and place several plates and bowls on top of it that belong to the different courses. Stack the plates from large to small, and use different colors and materials to get a creative effect. Add small vases and some tealight holders and your table will look great!

Cosy evenings

Broke the fast and ate until your belly was full? Curl up on the couch or enjoy the fresh air on your balcony or in your garden. Refresh your interior with cushions, plaids or a beautiful rug.