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No matter the occasion, food is more enjoyable when it is presented in a nice bowl or serving tray. Whether you are throwing an elegant dinner party or a simple birthday party, every festive occasion warrants a stylish table set with beautiful serving dishes.

The fresh new food tray with a handy cover

This outstanding food tray serves all year round, indoors or out. Great for picnics or that picnic-at-home feeling, Swedish “fika” or traditional tea and cakes. The tray is hand-crafted from bamboo, and the adjustable cover keeps your food fresh and any unwanted items out.

A table with a SNUSTORR food cover with tray in handmade bamboo holding KAFFEREP cinnamon buns by a plate with another bun.
A table with a SNUSTORR food cover with tray in handmade bamboo holding several KAFFEREP cinnamon buns.

Handy two-tier serving stand with that traditional look

Expecting guests? This appealing and affordable serving stand gives you a festive way to serve all kinds of food, from cakes and pastries to cheese and fruit. The two tiers of the stand display the food invitingly while saving space on your table. Compact, practical, eye-catching.

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A GARNERA two-tier serving stand in dark green on a table, the serving stand holding various types of food such as cheeses.
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Serve your favourite cuisine on a serving dish

You will enjoy your food more when it is served more aesthetically. Our collection of bowls and serving trays features serving tableware and plates in many types and styles. Nice wooden bowls, for example, for a natural look on the table. And what do you think of a serving plate with a glass dome for presenting delicious tarts? The FÖRÄDLA and KVITTERA serving stands also work perfectly. Our deep bowls are ideal for salads or popcorn. Do you love eating breakfast in bed? Our bed tables are a good idea. You can easily put them on your bed or sofa. They can also be used as a stand for your laptop. If you regularly cook oven dishes, lasagne or nachos, you can choose to prepare these in our glass and stoneware oven dishes. We have them in different sizes. 

Bowls and serving trays for the perfect table setting

A table always set beautifully – an unattainable dream, right? With our range of bowls and serving trays, your dream will become a reality more quickly than you thought. Because we have bowls and service to suit every home and kitchen style. Complete the dining room table with our serving utensils and table runners and tablecloths. Want to go all out? Go for stylish napkins and napkin holders. They'll make your table setting even more inviting and charming. The SNUDDA lazy Susan is perfect for a drinks or tapas evening. The lazy Susan is also handy to have on the worktop for salt, pepper and spice jars. Are you really planning to serve up a lot of food? Create an extra layer on the table with the SKOGSTA serving tray on legs.