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What are you waiting for when you hear about a laundry routine that can save you time? Make it as easy as possible by organising the laundry. Read more on this page about smart solutions and space-saving ways to dry the laundry.

Laundry ideas

Curious about how others were organising the laundry? What do you think of smart storage systems and sorting laundry by colours? See the possibilities below and try at home.

Smart series

Do you have one specific room at home to collect, sort, wash and dry the laundry? Whether you have a lot of space or a small room, a compact drying rack or a wall rack might be just what you're looking for to perfect your laundry room.

ALGOT storage system

The ALGOT storage system is useful in the laundry room to create more storage space to put laundry baskets and hang clothes on the drying rack. The storage system is also useful in the bathroom, hallway, bedroom and balcony.

Designer Francis Cayouette

ALGOT storage system serie IKEA


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