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Doing the laundry, one prefers to postpone it and the other likes to do it. It's something that has to be done and preferably in a laundry room that is well organised. What does the ideal laundry room look like to you? Is it a laundry room in the attic, a laundry room downstairs or in the bathroom? We have a number of useful laundry room solutions and inspiration for you listed. Do you want a laundry room that fits your space? It is also possible to design your own washroom furniture!

Laundry room inspiration

Could you use some inspiration when organising your laundry room? Take a look at all the smart solutions and ideas.

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A laundry room with a washing machine, a clothes rack and a laundry basket.
A laundry room with a washing machine, a clothes rack and a laundry basket.
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Laundry room solutions

Are you looking for the perfect set up for your laundry room? Take a look at our smart storage systems or design a wall rack/rack to suit your space.

Also looking for tips on how to use less energy, sort or collect your laundry easily. We've listed a few for you.

3 tips for an organised laundry room

1. Save space

Often you still have enough space above the washing machine to store all kinds of things. By using a wall rail with shelves you can save a lot of space!

2. Drying racks

Do you want to save energy and be more conscious? Then drying racks are the ideal solution for drying laundry. Drying racks are also easy to move around, so when the weather is nice, you can go outside. And this also makes them easy to store!

3. Organised laundry

Use hooks to sort the laundry. Hang a laundry bag on a hook and make it clear which laundry is meant for the bag. Blouses wrinkel often when you put them in the washing machine? At trick to have less wrinkels is to let them dry on a hanger. This way you may have less wrinkles and you can hang them directly in the closet after they are completely dry.

Smart series

Do you have one specific room at home to collect, sort, wash and dry the laundry? Whether you have a lot of space or a small room, a compact drying rack or a wall rack might be just what you're looking for to perfect your laundry room.


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