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Customer service in the Store

The customer service in our stores is open again. For the customer service of IKEA Breda, IKEA Barendrecht and IKEA Delft, you need to make a customer service appointment.

Our default return period is 365 days. For purchases made before April 27th, we extend this period with 165 days. We'd like to ask you to wait a little while with your return to prevent long queues in the stores.

Shopping at IKEA

You are welcome without an appointment in your favorite store!

Helping you help yourself

Looking to check the status of your order? Want to return a product or order a spare part? We have convenient self service options which will let you do just that!

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Track your order, view your order history or cancel an order

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still have to make an appointment to shop?
From April 28th, you no longer need to make an appointment to visit our store, for an advice & planning service you can make an appointment online or in the store via our website. You can do that on this page.

What are the opening times of the shops?
You will find the most up-to-date information about opening hours at

Can I return or exchange my products when the store opens? Is the customer service open?
The customer service in our stores is open. For the customer service of IKEA Breda and IKEA Delft we urgently ask you to make an appointment. That can be done here.

I cannot book an appointment at the customer service desk.
When can I make a new appointment? New appointment slots are opened daily. It's best to try again tomorrow.

Is the Restaurant, the Swedish Food Market and Bistro open?
It differs per store whether the restaurant, the Bistro and/or Swedish Food Market are open. Check the page of your favorite location to see what is open.

How many customers are allowed in the store at the same time?
IKEA may receive a maximum of 1 customer per 25 m2, the total number of customers depends on the size of the store.

Can I also use the toilet when I am in the store?
The toilets are open for use, we take extra hygiene measures.

I am late for my appointment at the customer service desk. What should I do?
If you arrive within the time slot that you’ve reserved, your appointment will continue as usual. If you arrive after the reserved time slot, you may have to wait longer.

What is the return period?
Our default return period is 365 days. For purchases made before April 27th, we extend this period with 165 days. So you don't need to rush with your return.

Is Småland open?
Småland currently remains closed.

Is the Circular Hub (formerly Koopjeshoek) also open?
All shopping areas have been reopened, including our Circular Hub.

  • Until when can I hand in my voucher (s) from the advent calendar?
    You can hand in vouchers from the Advent calendar up to and including 6 and 24 August 2021.

    Until when can I hand in my voucher (s) for the Christmas tree promotion?
    You can hand in the voucher for the Christmas tree action up to and including 30 August 2021.

    Will my scheduled appointment for the Furniture exchange service (Bring Back Friday) will continue? Will I get the double value back?
    Customers who had already made an appointment in December and were no longer able to use the Furniture exchange service offer can still do so until 31 August 2021 on presentation of their original price proposal. We recommend that you make a customer service appointment when you come to IKEA with your furniture.

    There is something wrong with my product. What should I do now?
    Please contact our customer service. Check out the contact options on .

    I am missing a part of my product. How can I get it?
    You can order small parts via our website, for larger parts please contact customer service. Visit for more information.

    How long is the warranty period?
    Our warranty period is 365 days as standard. We extend that period by the 165 days that our customer service was closed. You then have a total of 530 days to claim under the warranty.

    Will Click & Collect continue in the same way?
    The way of Click & Collect differs per store. The webpage of your store has a description of where and how the Click & Collect order can be picked up. You will also receive an email with instructions for the chosen pick-up time.

    How long will I be able to pick up my Click & Collect order?
    The available pick-up times will appear automatically when ordering online. Depending on the opening hours of the chosen store and the time of ordering, you can choose a pick-up time on the day itself, or on the next available days.

    Do I still have to pay 4.99 for the online option ‘Click & Collect'?
    Yes, our colleagues in the store collect the products of your order with care and keep them reserved for you at the store to pick up. The usual cost of 4.99 will also continue to apply in this exceptional situation.

    I have placed a Click & Collect order, but I prefer to collect the products myself in the store. Can I cancel my order?
    Yes, that's possible. You can cancel your order online.

    I want to cancel my online order and come shopping myself, is this possible?Yes, that's possible.
    Yes, that's possible. You can cancel your order online.

    How long does it take to get my money refunded after canceling?
    This can take up to 14 days.

    Are there longer waiting times for the store?
    We cannot estimate in advance how busy it will be in our stores. Therefore, take some waiting time into account. We recommend that you don’t come to the store before opening time.

    What is the balance of my (digital) gift card or action card?
    To check the balance of your (digital) gift card, you can go tonl/cadeaukaart enter the gift card number and PIN. Have you used the card before, but the credit hasn’t been used up yet? Then you can also read the balance on the receipt. The balance of the gift card is valid indefinitely. If you have a voucher (eg of the Christmas tree promotion or the advent calendar ), you can also go to to check the balance. You don’t have to enter a pin code. The balance on the promotion card has limited validity.

    I lost something in the store. What can I do?
    We’re happy to help you find your belongings via iLost. We place all objects that are found on the website of iLost. Find something familiar? Then you have to go through a number of steps so that we can check whether the object is yours. An employee of the store will contact you to schedule an appointment so that you can pick up your belongings.

    Until what time is it possible to book a planning appointment?
    When booking your appointment you will see the available time slots. If there are no time slots available or you don’t see slots at your favourite store, you can try again the next day.

    Why are certain products out of stock?
    The impact of COVID-19 means that our suppliers have lagged behind in production, but we see that the demand for certain products is increasing. As a result, we see that production and distribution are under pressure and we are dealing with delays in supply.

    How do I know if my product is in stock?
    For the most current stock information, in stores and online, we recommend that customers visit the product pages on Our customer service representatives don’t have more up-to-date information.

    When will the stock be replenished?
    Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable nature of COVID-19, we cannot say with certainty when the stock challenges will be resolved.

    Can I also rent a trailer / cargo bike, etc.?
    Yes, this is possible again and can be rented at the customer service desk.

    Do you offer all services again?
    Yes, we offer all services again, but we do take extra precautions for services such as assembly and installation.

    I have an online schedule appointment.
    Can this be changed to a planning appointment in the store? You can cancel your online appointment yourself and book a new appointment online.

    What measures have you taken in the stores?
    The health and safety of our visitors and employees have the highest priority. Only together we can take care a responsible and safe shopping environment. We therefore take various precautions based on the advice of the RIVM. View the measures here.

    How are you going to prevent it from becoming too busy again in certain places in the stores?
    In advance, we communicate proactively and clearly through various channels (, IKEA Family e-mail, social media) the measures and conditions that we are taking. We look forward to welcoming our customers again, but we do ask them to come to the store alone as much as possible (max. 2 people, minimum 1 person 18 years), so as not to come to the store if you have a cold or flu symptoms and to make targeted purchases and postpone fun shopping or 'fun day out' until a later moment. In addition, we use various measures to regulate crowds as much as possible, such as a maximum number of visitors per store, and we keep an eye on how many visitors there are in the store.

    We cannot completely prevent queues from forming at the entrance. We regulate any queues that arise by installing fences and actively alerting customers to keeping a distance of 1.5 meters. At all times we have an employee at the entrance who supervises this. We advise customers to come alone as much as possible and in any case not to come to the store before opening time. The store opens from 10 a.m. and indoors, with an average of 25,000 square meters per store, we usually have sufficient capacity and space for our customers. We trust that our customers will adhere to the applicable measures.

Do you still have questions?

We are currently experiencing unprecedented demand and customer service is busier than ever before. We realize that as a result we cannot help everyone as we would like, and we regret that.

We are making every effort every day to improve our service, and advise customers who cannot reach our customer service to consult our FAQs. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

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Shopping at IKEA

It's possible to have visitors without appointment again! We are looking forward seeing you! In addition, you can still choose to have online orders delivered to your home or pick them up at a store of your choice. We have listed all the possibilities for you.

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