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Online planners

Create the design of your dreams

With IKEA online planners you can create your own dream design for your kitchen, livingroom, wardrobe and more. Order your design directly online or take your personal code to an IKEA store near you.

Kitchen planner

Design your dream kitchen with the online kitchen planner. Experiment with different combinations and try all kinds of styles until you are satisfied with the result



Our PAX system gives you the storage space that really suits you. You decide everything yourself: dimensions, colour and style. And with the KOMPLEMENT design, every t-shirt, every pair of shoes and every sweater gets its own place. Choose one of our combinations or design your own PAX cabinet with the PAX planner.


Difficult spaces in the house? Our new modular PLATSA series adapts to every part of the house. Create your unique solution with the PLATSA planner and get the most out of your house.



Enjoy long movie nights and hang out with friends on the JÄTTEBO modular sofa. Use this comfortable combination or create a customised sofa with the planning tool.


This sofa is extra deep, has soft, movable back cushions and is available in various sizes and shapes - all for your comfort. Mix and match and make the perfect couch for your home!


The SÖDERHAMN sofa series is known for its deep seat and large loose cushions. There are 4 colors available and you can play around with the size and configuration. Try different setups and get an estimate of the costs immediately.


Whether you already have in mind how large or extensive your sofa should be, or if you have no idea yet, you can get started with the online planner for your VIMLE bank. Design your sofa completely to your own taste.


Create your own workplace at home or in the office 

Enjoy a delicious coffee in your favourite mug at home or at the office and design your new office. Are you going for a home office or a unique workplace at the office? Or maybe both? With our office planner you can design a workplace that suits your needs.

Design your own desk

You want a desk that looks good but also fits nicely. Do you go for spotless white or do you prefer colored legs? Click and drag as long as you need until you have found your desired combination.


Design your own dining room chair

With the chair planner you can try out many different options before you buy a seat. Combine your favorite seat with legs in materials and colours that you like. This is how you create your ideal dining room. Everything is possible.


You can choose how you want to combine ELVARLI products. This way you can come up with storage solutions for your clothes that perfectly match your space and style. Sustainable bamboo and lightweight aluminum make ELVARLI an excellent choice for storage anywhere in your home.


It can be difficult to keep things neat and tidy. JONAXEL storage system lets you utilise the spaces you have in smarter ways. You can build a combination that fits exactly your needs and use it almost anywhere, even in humid bathrooms and laundry rooms.


Is a walk-in closet your dream? With BOAXEL you can make this dream reality. Create your own combination of shelves, baskets, rails and drawers to create the storage solution that fits your needs.



Since IVAR storage system is so good at what it does, it has faithfully served customers’ needs across the home for over 50 years. Attics, living rooms, pantries and bedrooms – they all love IVAR.


With the BESTÅ TV furniture and wall units you create stylish, high-quality storage space with the desired look and size. BESTÅ grows with you and is always adaptable: whether it is family expansion or an ever-expanding collection of magazines. Design your own BESTÅ furniture that perfectly meets your needs.

Unfortunately, it is only possible to design your BESTÅ furniture on a laptop or computer.


KALLAX: square and versatile. With these storage shelves you can go in all directions. Place them on the floor, hang them on the wall or turn them into a desk.  Either way, the different sizes and colours make an ideal storage place for books, gadgets or plants.

Design your own KALLAX furniture that perfectly meets your needs.


Mattress comfort guide

A good night's sleep starts with a good mattress. Curious about a suitable mattress? Click on the link below to find out which mattress suits your body.


BROR is our strongest and most practical storage system to date. BROR is suitable for every room and is not afraid of a bit of dirt, water or heavy loads. Create your own design and create the storage space that suits you.


Decide for yourself how high and how wide your wall unit will become. Combine it or have it separate with both bright and pastel colors. In your living room, bedroom or anywhere else, this series will look great anywhere and everywhere.


With the SMÅSTAD planner you design the exact cupboard or wardrobe for your children's room that you have in mind. Combine with different sizes and colours.

ENHET Kitchen planner

ENHET Kitchen planner

ENHET is our kitchen series that's the easiest to design, expand, assemble and take with you when moving. Want to know how easy? Try the ENHET kitchen planner.

Bathroom planner

Are you ready for a new bathroom and are you looking for ideas and inspiration? You take the first steps with the bathroom planner. Choose your bathroom set-up, try different lamps and interior fittings and immediately get an estimate of the costs.

Unfortunately, it is only possible to design your bathroom on a laptop or computer right now.

Home planner for home or office

Create your kitchen or office with the home planner. Specify the dimensions of your space, slide in kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances and kitchen islands. Or you can make a map of your office and see how you can best organize it with desks, tables, and chairs.

Unfortunately, it is only possible to design your space on a laptop or computer right now.