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IKEA stores

We're happy to see you again in our stores. Read everything you need to know about a responsible shopping experience here.

A good shopping experience 

  • What are the opening times of the shops?
    You will find the most up-to-date information about opening hours here.

    Can I return or exchange my products when the store opens? Is the customer service open?
    The customer service in our stores is open. For the customer service of IKEA Delft we urgently ask you to make an appointment. That can be done here.

    I cannot book an appointment at the customer service desk.
    When can I make a new appointment?  New appointment slots are opened daily. It's best to try again tomorrow.

    Is the Restaurant open in all stores?
    It differs per store whether the restaurant is open. Check the page of the IKEA store near you for more information.  Please note; in exceptional cases, restaurant opening hours may differ. 

    What do I need to make use of the restaurant?
    Access to our restaurants for customers 13 years and older is only possible with the corona access card. Customers who can't show corona access card and no ID, we unfortunately can't grant access to the restaurant. From November 6th you have to wear a facemask in the rest of the stores. After checking your corona access card you can leave it off in the Restaurant. When you go back into the store, you have to put on your facemask again.

    Is Småland open?
    Småland is closed in all IKEA stores at the moment.

    How long is the warranty period?
    Our warranty period is 365 days as standard. We extend that period by the 165 days that our customer service was closed. You then have a total of 530 days to claim under the warranty.

    How can I return a product?
    You always have 365 days to return or exchange your product. If you're a member of IKEA Family, you have an unlimited return period. Returns are possible at all IKEA stores andonline. egister your return beforehand and we’ll be able to help you return faster at the IKEA store. Use this form and use the desk for Express returns at the store. Are you coming to the customer service of IKEA Delft for a return? Then you have to make a customer service appointment. 

    What is the balance of my (digital) gift card or action card?
    To check the balance of your (digital) gift card, you can go tonl/cadeaukaart enter the gift card number and PIN. Have you used the card before, but the credit hasn’t been used up yet? Then you can also read the balance on the receipt. The balance of the gift card is valid indefinitely. If you have a voucher (eg of the Christmas tree promotion or the advent calendar ), you can also go to to check the balance. You don’t have to enter a pin code. The balance on the promotion card has limited validity.

    I lost something in the store. What can I do?
    We’re happy to help you find your belongings via iLost. We place all objects that are found on the website of iLost. Find something familiar? Then you have to go through a number of steps so that we can check whether the object is yours. An employee of the store will contact you to schedule an appointment so that you can pick up your belongings.

    Can I also rent a trailer / cargo bike, etc.?
    Yes, this is possible again and can be rented at the customer service desk.