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The bedroom is a place where you can unwind and feel relaxed. IKEA helps you to recharge and start a new day. So sleep in a comfortable bed and create peace in the room by adding cabinets with lots of storage space. Will you step into an industrial bedroom with metal, black and wood details or is a romantic style relaxing for you with its graceful shapes and soft materials?

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The perfect wardrobe

A tidy bedroom will allow you to completely unwind. With the right wardrobe you have the space to store everything neatly. Are you going for a custom-made wardrobe, a wardrobe with sliding doors, an open wardrobe, or even a chest of drawers?

Discover the world of PAX

Our PAX wardrobe system offers you a custom-made wardrobe. The perfect storage system for clothes, shoes and accessories. You decide the size, colour, style and furnishing. With the KOMPLEMENT shelves, drawers, clothes rods and dividers, among other things, every accessory is given a suitable place.

Design your dream wardrobe

Do it yourself with the PAX planner...

With the PAX planner you can design your ideal wardrobe in a few simple steps. Use one of our ready-made combinations or create your own PAX according to your wishes. Start with a PAX base element and build from there. What are you waiting for?

...or together with one of our specialists

Could you use some help when it comes to wardrobe design? Our wardrobe specialists from the stores are ready to design your dream wardrobe together with you via an online appointment.

*Due to the current circumstances regarding the Coronavirus, these appointments do not take place in the store at the moment, but through an online appointment. The appointment will take about 45 minutes. We can send you any designs digitally.

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Sleep comfortably

A bed in any style

Whether you sleep well at night depends on several factors, such as your mattress, bedding, slatted frame and the atmosphere in your bedroom. Will you go for a single bed or double bed, a box spring, a high sleeper or a bed with storage space?

Design your own bed

From sheets and the bed frame to the mattress and the type of legs of a box spring, there are lots of possibilities. Start with the basics and assemble the parts for your new bed step by step. In the first step, choose the type of bed, such as a box spring, bed frame, sofa bed, or bed with storage options, so that you can then choose a mattress, a duvet and pillows. Finally, choose the style in which you want to wake up in the morning by adding your favourite bedding.

Good night

Sleeping on a good mattress is different for everyone. Which mattress suits you depends on, among other things, your physique and your way of sleeping. That's why at IKEA you can choose from different materials, shapes and price levels.

Ergonomic pillows

A comfortable pillow is just as important for your head, neck and shoulders as a good mattress. Since we all lay differently and have different sleeping habits, our new ergonomic pillows come in many shapes and sizes.


You can find the duvet of your dreams at IKEA, no matter if you're really cold, or just really warm at night. Our duvets have been renewed and improved, giving you a good night's sleep. We always have a comfortable duvet to match your sleeping habits.

Bed linen

A duvet cover and fitted sheets are indispensable for a wonderful night's sleep. In the morning you'll look forward to the moment when you can climb back in the evening. With our bedding you sleep in style.

Smarter Sleeping

Everyone sleeps differently. Some sleep on their side, while others prefer to sleep under a duvet as thick as possible. Some sleep best on a hard mattress. As long as you know how you sleep best, you'll get out of bed with your best foot forward every day.
As long as you have the right pillow, or those darkening curtains, it will be easy to get a good sleep.
No matter how you sleep, you sleep smarter with IKEA.

Bedroom inspiration

Could you use some ideas for your bedroom? For smart storage solutions, combining a duvet cover with a bedspread on your bed and creating a nice ambiance in the bedroom, take a look at the different bedroom styles below.

Share your bedroom style


Your bedroom is the place where you can completely unwind. Decorate it all in your style. Get inspired or share your bedroom style through #mijnIKEA.

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Systems & series

In the bedroom we are always looking for the balance between experience and relaxation. Still, you can have a bit of courage if you choose the colours for the bedroom, as long as you feel good about it and can recover from a long day. With a wardrobe system you put your things out of sight and with bed drawers under your bed, you no longer look at the thick duvet you don't need in summer.


Wardrobe advice

Design your perfect wardrobe with our experts.

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We transport your new furniture to your home.

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Order online and collect at a store of your choice.

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Don't want to assemble it yourself? We can do it for you.

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