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Whether you have people over for elaborate meals every week or just have a quick breakfast every day – cutlery is a necessity in every kitchen. With nice-looking cutlery, your table will always look stylish. From modern utensils to cutlery with a rustic look. What style will you go for?

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Cutlery for every occasion

Does your current cutlery need replacing? Are you flying the nest and setting up your own home? IKEA has got it covered. We have cutlery in different styles and other serving utensils such as pasta servers. You can bring out the best cutlery and service during the festive period. Don't forget the serving utensils. Like a salad serving set for tossing together a delicious salad, or cake forks for all those yummy treats. And of course, you need a matching cake server. And the icing on the cake is our wide range of nutcrackers. Use them to crack nuts, but also to break open seafood such as clams and lobster. 

High-quality, stylish cutlery

With our cutlery, you know you will get your hands on quality and style. You use it almost every day and it has a big impact on the look of your table setting. Are you flying the nest? Then of course you will be needing good cutlery. The timeless design and wear-resistant material makes it ideal for any household, even restaurants. From teaspoons and dessert spoons to children's cutlery. Choose from our many cutlery sets and your new home will be complete. We have 30-piece, 24-piece and 16-piece cutlery sets. Do you have a large family or regularly throw dinner parties? Then the 60-piece set is the one for you.