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Product support

Are you looking for information about our products? For example, do you want to check if a product is in stock, find out about the guarantee terms or how best to mount your new furniture on the wall? Then you've come to the right page!

Stock information

Do you want to know if your product is in stock before you go to the store? You can find out how to look up the current stock information here.

Secure it! Anchor furniture securely

An accident could be just around the corner. Prevent accidents caused by furniture tipping over. Find out how to anchor your furniture securely here.


All our products are thoroughly tested before they are brought to market. Most of our products are covered by the statutory 2-year guarantee.


Sometimes, things can go wrong. Check out the safety warnings and recalls that currently apply to IKEA products.

90-day trial period for mattresses

We think it's important that your new mattress is comfortable and right for you. That's why IKEA gives you 90 days to decide whether you're happy with your choice.

Product support

Frequently asked questions

Find the answer to your question in our knowledge portal or view the frequently asked questions below

How do I know if a product is in stock?

All information about stock levels can be found on the Stock information page.

Where can I find an assembly manual?

No assembly manual with your product or just can’t find it? Don't worry, you can find the manuals easily on our website.

  • Search for the product on our website
  • Go to “Assembly & documents”.
  • Select the manual you require.

If you find the manual you're looking for, please contact us and we'll email you one.

Can I reorder parts or fittings?

It's so easy to lose a screw, plug or other item. So it's nice to know that IKEA has a wide range of replacement items in stock at customer service in store. In addition, you can very easily order it yourself online, then we will send it to you.

To reorder the fittings, we simply need the part number. This six-digit part number can be found in the assembly instructions.

Which products can I order online?

The products that can be ordered online from the IKEA website have a blue button with the text “Add to shopping bag”. These products are delivered from our central warehouse.

Some products are only available in store, such as products from our Limited Collections.

We also do not sell custom-made products online because we like to design such products together with you. This way, we can be sure that the custom-made product is ordered in the right dimensions.

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    Can I have IKEA products assembled?

    We design our products as simply as possible so that you can assemble or install them yourself. But if don't you have time or don't feel like installing your own kitchen or bathroom, or if you'd like some help assembling a sofa or laying a floor, we will be happy to put you in touch with an assembly or installation company.

    Check out all the options

    What can I do if my purchase or part of it is damaged?

    Did you have the item delivered?
    When your order is delivered, you and the transporter check whether the items have all been delivered undamaged and sign a receipt. If you discover together that the items are damaged, the transporter will inform IKEA and an exchange will be agreed with you. If you discover any damage at a later stage, please contact us.

    Did you take the items home with you and were they damaged on the way?
    If this is the case, then unfortunately you won't be able to exchange them unless you're an IKEA FAMILY member. One of the benefits of IKEA FAMILY membership is that you can exchange purchases that have been damaged when transporting them home from IKEA yourself.

    Would you like to make use of this service? Please note the following points:

    • Make sure you had your IKEA FAMILY card scanned at the time of purchase.
    • Go to customer service at the IKEA store within 7 days.
    • Bring with you your receipt and the product you want to exchange.

    If only a part of the item is damaged, please bring the whole item with you to customer service, even if it has already been assembled. If the item is too large, only bring the damaged part with you.

    What can I do if an article or a part is missing?

    Did you have the item delivered?
    When your order is delivered, you and the transporter check whether the items have all been delivered and sign a receipt. If you discover together that something is missing, the transporter will inform IKEA and a subsequent delivery will be agreed with you.

    If you discover at a later time that an item is missing, please report it to us.

    Are you missing a part or fitting, such as screws, plugs or hinges?
    If so, you can order it from us. Read the text under “Can I reorder parts or fittings?” at the top of this page to find out how to do so.

    Did you take the items home yourself?
    If the item appears on your receipt but you have left it in the shop, please contact us.

    What are the colour codes of the paint we use?

    As interior design experts, we can well imagine that you would like to know the colour codes of the paint we use. This makes it easy to match your interior spaces with each other.

    Our showrooms
    Are you curious about the colour used on the walls of our showrooms? Feel free to take a photo or write down the colour code, which is often mentioned on the wall.

    Our products
    Unfortunately it's a bit more complicated for our products. At IKEA we have our own colour palette and this means that we can't provide colour codes (RAL codes) for our products.

    However, we suggest that you take a sample of your desired colour to a paint specialist. Hopefully they'll be able to mix the right colour for you.

    What can I do if I'm not satisfied with a product?

    It's important to us that you are satisfied with our products. If this is not the case, you can contact us to create a report.
    To determine whether your claim is within the scope of the general terms and conditions of sale, we recommend that you read them in advance. You can also find more information about the guarantee for each product group in the brochures.

    View our General terms and conditions of sale
    Also read our guarantee information

    Did you take the item home from the store yourself or can you transport it easily yourself?
    Then you can return the item yourself to the store of your choice. Please bring the original proof of purchase with you.

    What do we need in order to handle your claim remotely?
    After you've contacted us, we'll send you an email to review the report and help you as best we can. In this email we ask you to send us the information below:

    • a clear description of the claim, including article numbers to which the claim relates
    • a clear and legible scan/photo of proof of purchase: the delivery slip or receipt
    • overview photo of the item and the whole setup
    • detailed photo(s) that show the problem clearly
    • photo of the production sticker with date stamp and supplier's number.

    You can submit your claim including the above information via our contact form.

    Please note: The total file size of all attachments combined may not exceed 15 MB. If it does, your email will not reach us.

    Here are some examples of good clear photos