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Hej* welcome to IKEA Family

*that's Swedish for hello

We are IKEA Family, the largest family in the world. In the Netherlands we have over 5 million members. As an IKEA Family member, you'll enjoy many benefits, such as discounts on lots of products and free access to workshops and events. Are you part of IKEA Family yet?

Always discount for IKEA Family members

As an IKEA Family member, you get a year-round discount on selected IKEA products and services, both online and in-store. Discover all current offers now.

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A card you'll never lose

Your IKEA Family card is now completely digital and is included in your IKEA app. Super convenient, because that way you have everything from IKEA in one place (except the meatballs).

  • Order your favourite IKEA products directly from the app
  • Create personal favorites lists
  • Get inspired. One place for all your favourite rooms
  • Always your IKEA Family account at hand
  • View all special offers

There's always something fun to do

From interior workshops to sneak previews of new collections. Throughout the year we organize inspiring activities and workshops in our stores exclusively for IKEA Family members. Curious about what's on the program?

Questions about IKEA Family?

  • I am not able to log in, what should I do now?
    Click on 'Forgot your password?' on the login page to request a new password. Enter your e-mail address or IKEA Family number (the number you use in your e-mail or in the IKEA App) and choose how you want to receive your password. Then try logging in again.

    I lost my IKEA Family card, how do I get a new one?
    If you have lost your IKEA Family card, you can request a new digital version. IKEA no longer produces plastic cards from an environmental point of view. In this way we help create a plastic-free environment. Instead, you will find your personal IKEA Family barcode in the IKEA App. You can have it scanned at the cash register, so you always have your card with you.

    How can I change the password of my IKEA Family profile?
    If you want to change your password, you can do this by logging in to your IKEA Family profile. When you are logged in, you can click on the 'Edit password' link to change your password.

    How do I change my address and/or other profile data from my IKEA Family profile?
    You can change your details yourself in your IKEA Family profile. Log in to your IKEA Family account. If you are logged in, you will immediately see your IKEA Family profile, with all the information. Here you can adjust your data by clicking on the blue text under the relevant data, and then adjusting and saving it.

    How can I apply for an IKEA Family card?
    Nice that you want to become a member of IKEA Family. You can easily register yourself via this page. Do you already have an account? IKEA no longer produces new cards from an environmental point of view. In this way we help create a plastic-free environment. Instead, you can download the IKEA App where you can find your personal IKEA Family barcode. That way you'll never forget your card again! An alternative is to log in to your IKEA Family profile and print a paper version. This is also possible at one of the IKEA Family columns in our branches.

    Why is the IKEA Family price not included in my online order?
    If the discount is not included in your online order, this can be due to two things. 1. You are not logged in yet. The promotion discount for an IKEA Family promotion is settled the moment you are logged in with your IKEA Family profile. 2. It is not a national promotion. The discount of an IKEA Family promotion online is only for national promotions. When a store organizes an IKEA Family promotion itself, it can only be bought at the store.

    What IKEA Family offers are there?
    An overview of our national promotions and offers can be found on our offers page.

    How can I register for IKEA Family?
    Becoming a member of IKEA Family is free and can be done on our website via this link or during your visit to one of our stores.

    I'm logged in but the Family discount is not showing in my shopping cart, how is that possible?
    It is possible that you have an account with us, but you are not yet an IKEA Family member. Go to your profile page (via My Profile - top right). Click on 'sign up' to become an IKEA Family member. That way, you'll get all the benefits of IKEA Family.

    Can I get an IKEA Family discount when placing an online order?
    Yes. If you want to use an IKEA Family promotion, you can log in with your IKEA Family profile. When you are logged in, you can place an order and the promotional discount will be deducted.

    Can I also use my IKEA Family card in foreign IKEA locations?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to use your Dutch IKEA Family card in countries other than the Netherlands. It is possible to request a second IKEA Family card abroad. Please note that the e-mail address with which you create a new profile must be different from the e-mail address for your original profile. Every IKEA Family number is linked to a unique e-mail address and can therefore not be used twice.

    Is the IKEA Family membership free?
    Yes, the IKEA Family membership is free. This means that you can make free use of special IKEA Family offers and activities.

Our privacy policy

Every day we are committed to improving the daily lives of as many people as possible. In some cases we need information for this, but of course we handle it safely. Read more about the IKEA Family Privacy Policy.