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Food & beverages

Who said vegan meals need to be complicated?

Quick, tasty, and simple to cook, HUVUDROLL plant balls help you create delicious vegan dishes with minimum effort.

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A hand reaching for a tomato on a kitchen countertop with a glass container of HUVUDROLL plant balls and other ingredients.
A vegan tomato and squash stew topped with a few HUVUDROLL plant balls and plant-based yoghurt on an OMBONAD plate.
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ISKUB soft drinks are the great thirst quencher

Our ISKUB carbonated soft drinks come in various refreshing flavours. And with a lower sugar content, combined with sweeteners to give you a great balance in taste and nourishment. Drink cold at home, or take with you on picnics.

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A blanket laid on the ground for a picnic, with bottles of ISKUB carbonated soft drink, napkins and diverse food items.
A person wearing a yellow jacket and grey jumper holding a bottle of ISKUB carbonated soft drink in orange flavour.
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Nut bar snacks for your on-the-go life

These handy snack bars are packed with nuts. Easy to take with you when you’re out and about and need a bite to eat for some extra energy between meals. Stay energised!

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A person in a blue jacket and white shirt holding a MUNSBIT nut bar with sea salt.
A person in a blue jacket and white shirt sitting with MUNSBIT nut bars, a STARTTID backpack and FORMSKÖN water bottle.
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The Advent Calendar is back!

The IKEA advent calendar makes the countdown to Christmas Eve even more fun. Buy it quickly at the nearest IKEA.