Beds & mattresses

A good night's sleep begins with a relaxing bedroom and a comfortable bed. Tidy your things up (and easily find them again) by storing them in bedroom furniture such as wardrobes, bed drawers and bedside tables. Curl up in soft bedding and choose warm lighting. Both the atmosphere and the price will ensure that you have sweet dreams.


You feel your best when you wake up in a bed that is big enough to stretch out and cosy enough to snuggle under the covers. The beds provide storage space for your belongings, either under or in the bed, and are built to last for years.


Will you choose an inner spring mattress, foam mattress, latex mattress or mattress topper? Discover the perfect mattress for you.

Foam and latex mattresses

If you are looking for a mattress that adapts to your body and supports you, then foam and latex mattresses are perfect for you. Both materials provide excellent support if you turn a lot in your sleep. In addition, these soft, flexible and resilient mattresses last longer if you regularly flip them.

Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses distribute your weight across the entire mattress, which reduces the pressure on your body. A spring mattress is ideal if you are often warm when you sleep because they provide outstanding air circulation and feel cooler and drier than a foam and latex mattress. Spring mattresses are also long-lasting.

Wood-based spring mattresses

These mattresses provide the same benefits as a standard spring mattress, such as a great distribution of your body weight and excellent air circulation. Plus, this mattress is made with a second layer of springs which provide even greater comfort.

Bedroom textiles

It is easy to drift off to sleep if you can wrap yourself in soft sheets and if your windows are covered by curtains that let you snooze until the sun rises (or sleep in until lunchtime). Make your sleeping area even cosier by choosing a rug that keeps your feet warm as you step out of bed.