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Make your table sizzle with pots and pans of cast iron

Get a perfect crisp with a VARDAGEN cast iron grill pan. It's great for high temperature cooking, and its traditional and rustic look gives your table arrangement a flair of a fancy restaurant. Keep side dishes warm in an enamelled cast iron pot or casserole. Durable and robust, they will last for years. 

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We have lowered the prices of our favorite kitchenware and tableware products, making them even more affordable.

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Carbon steel cookware – the chef’s choice

The VARDAGEN frying pan, made from carbon steel, is the perfect option for the more skilled home chef. The carbon steel spreads heat evenly and is perfect for lovingly cooked dishes on any hob and in ovens. Tasty just like old times – and durable year after year.

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A rustic wooden table, a VARDAGEN carbon steel frying pan with rösti and herbs, a lemon wedge, a fork and a knife.
Four VARDAGEN frying pans in different sizes, hanging from a nail on a rustic wooden wall.
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There’s a new dish in town

This oven dish is perfect for everything from main courses to apple pies. Cook and serve, straight from oven to table. The dish has beautiful form and handles for easy carrying. Just put the whole thing in the fridge afterwards and enjoy leftovers later. Save time, save washing extra dishes, save food.

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Two POETISK oven dishes in off-white on a kitchen worktop, one of which is standing on a HEAT pot stand in cork.
Two POETISK oven dishes in off-white on a table, both containing food, VARDAGEN plates and FRIKOSTIG plates and side plates.
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New red pots for some hot cooking

Cook together with love. These compact and lightweight, aluminium cooking pots spread the heat evenly for quicker and more uniform cooking. They’re red, very visible so they’re easy to see amongst all the others. And they’re very affordable, so what’s not to love?

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A TILLREDA portable induction hob with 1 zone with a KAVALKAD saucepan in red on the hob and a green plant by the window.
Three red KAVALKAD saucepans in a kitchen, two of which are on a wooden chopping board and one on a portable induction hob.
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