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Furniture Assembly Service

Our products are designed in a way to make assembly easy. But if you don't have the time or the desire to assemble the furniture yourself, you can also make a furniture assembly appointment. The handymen will assemble your furniture in a skilled, safe and quick way. The only thing left for you to do? Make sure your products are in the right room.

There are two ways to make a Furniture Assembly appointment

You can easily make an online appointment via Klusup, or with an IKEA employee at one of our stores.

More information on making an appointment in store

Make an online appointment via Klusup

Klusup is an online platform for assembly by independent service providers. Via this platform you can make an appointment with a professional handyman that suits your personal needs.

  • Assembly can be done quickly: sometimes even on the same day or the day after.
  • Have you started assembling IKEA furniture yourself but the results are not what you expected? Choose a handyman to finish the assembly for you.
  • You can choose to dispose of the packaging yourself or have this done for you.

Price of Assembly Service

The price for assembly and the execution of other assignments via Klusup differs per job. Use the form below to choose your perfect handyman via Klusup.


If you choose to arrange your assembly via Klusup, this means that you make all arrangements with Klusup. IKEA is not involved with any agreements between Klusup and the customer that are made. The general terms and conditions of Klusup apply. If you have any questions or complaints, you can reach out to the handyman at Klusup.

Make an appointment in store

IKEA assembly service can be booked by an IKEA employee in one of our stores.

  • Assembly by a trusted IKEA service partner, so you can be sure your furniture is assembled in the right way and safely.
  • We take all the packaging material with us
  • 1 year of warranty on the assembly service.

Price of assembly service

The price for IKEA Furniture assembly consists of a base fee of € 39.99 and a set hourly fee per article. This way you will always know the assembly price beforehand.

Terms & conditions

By booking the assembly service in store, you agree to the terms and conditions. We can only assist you with full assembly of your IKEA products. Make sure the products are placed in the room where they are to be mounted. This way, we can ensure fast service. Our colleagues can book you the assembly service together with truck delivery to a room of choice, or as a seperate service. As a seperate service the responsibilty to have the furniture in the right room lies with you. If any parking fees are required, the handyman will take this up with you during the assembly appointment.

If you have any questions or complaints, please contact the IKEA customer service.   

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