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Quality guarantee

All our products are thoroughly tested before they are brought to market. Most of our products are covered by a 2-year guarantee. Other products have a longer guarantee period. 

Do you have a question about the guarantee of your kitchen appliances? Check out the Kitchen Appliances Service page.


The guarantee is valid for the period indicated on the product and commences on the date of purchase.

Guarantee repairs or product replacements do not extend the guarantee period of the appliance or new parts.

Receipt = Guarantee certificate

You can only claim under our guarantee if you produce your receipt or if you can prove in another way where and when the IKEA product was purchased.

Your receipt is your guarantee certificate, so keep it in a safe place! 

Terms and Conditions

  • Guarantee claims can only be made following normal domestic use.
  • Reasons for the claim cannot be based on normal wear and tear, normal consumption or normal ageing of the product.
  • Please respect the 2-month period for informing us of your claim, unless you have good reason for not doing so.

Guarantee brochures

*Only available in Dutch

Frequently asked questions

Find the answer to your question in our knowledge portal or view the frequently asked questions below

How long is my guarantee?

Most IKEA products come with a 2-year guarantee from the time you bought the product from us. For some products there is a longer guarantee period.

How long is the guarantee on my kitchen?

Our kitchens are thoroughly tested to make sure they can withstand heavy weights, high temperatures and normal daily use. We provide a 25-year guarantee on our METOD kitchen system. You can find out which parts of your kitchen are covered by this guarantee in the Guarantee Terms & Conditions.

Do you own a FAKTUM kitchen and did you buy your kitchen on or after September 2007? Then the same general terms and conditions apply as for our METOD kitchens.

To determine whether your claim is within the scope of the General terms and conditions of sale, we recommend that you read them in advance.

Can I still make a guarantee claim if I lose my receipt?

Lost your receipt? We recommend that you send a bank statement of the transaction to the IKEA store where you made the purchase. This will enable you to prove to customer service that you bought the product from IKEA.

If your order was delivered to your home and you paid at the door, the signed delivery slip is your proof of purchase and guarantee.

If you can provide one of these proofs of purchase, you can make a guarantee claim.

For security reasons, we will not provide a replacement receipt or delivery slip if you have lost the original proof of purchase. Make sure you keep the original guarantee certificate safe.

When will a guarantee claim be declined?

  • If the claim has arisen as a result of incorrect assembly or incorrect use.
  • If the reason for the claim is due to circumstances that are external to the product itself.
  • For example: discolouration of a lampshade or bench covering due to sunlight, a mattress becoming damp because the room is too damp, or damage resulting from an item being knocked by another object.
  • If the product has been damaged during transportation*.
  • Claims relating to plants or IKEA Food products
  • For products from the bargain corner, the guarantee is cancelled based on the reason why the product has been marked down. This reason can be found on the product sticker.

* Did you scan your IKEA Family Card when you made your purchase? Then you can enjoy door-to-door transport coverage. 

  • More FAQs

    How long is the guarantee on my kitchen appliances?

    Your kitchen appliances are covered by a 5-year guarantee.

    What about the guarantee on a kitchen when moving house?

    When you sell your house, it is possible to transfer the guarantee on your kitchen to the next occupant. You do this by giving the original proof of purchase of the kitchen to the new residents. This means that the guarantee period and conditions for the new residents will continue as usual.

    What should I do if I have problems with my tap?

    If your tap isn't working properly or is leaking, it may be necessary to replace or clean a part. In order to prevent damage to your worktop, it is important to solve this problem quickly.

    What can I do myself if my tap is leaking?

    • If the washer (rubber ring) in the tap is torn or worn, you can replace it. Washers for taps are available in spare parts shops and DIY stores.
    • The sieve in the tap can be flushed out or any limescale removed or if this is causing water flow problems.

    Other parts, which in most cases we can order for you, can be found in the assembly instructions. These can be recognised by the 6-digit part number.

    Is the guarantee also valid outside the Netherlands?

    Normally, the guarantee is only valid in the country of purchase. Guarantee terms and conditions may vary from country to country. If you bought a product in the Netherlands and then discover a defect within the guarantee period after you have left the Netherlands, we recommend that you first inquire in your new country of residence whether the guarantee also applies there. This may save you a trip to an IKEA store in the Netherlands.

    It is wise to check the length of the guarantee period at IKEA in the country where you bought the items. Most European IKEA stores have a minimum guarantee period of 2 years. Longer guarantees, such as 5, 10 or 25 years, may vary greatly from country to country. These guarantees are not legal guarantees or manufacturer's guarantees.