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Light is indispensable in every house. It adds atmosphere, cosiness and warmth to the rooms where you and your family need it. That is why you'll find lamps for every household, home décor and budget at IKEA. Let your light shine and choose from many types and sizes in our range.

Lighting advice
Lighting that fits your activity, whether it’s working, reading or relaxing. Our interior designers give advice on functional lighting. Make an appointment.

Lamps in all types and sizes

Good lighting in your home is a pleasant thing. It provides extra comfort and safety. Lighting naturally creates added atmosphere to all rooms in your home. With an eye-catching pendant lamp over the coffee table or with sturdy floor lamps next to the sofa, you can relax and read your magazine. You'll find different ways to illuminate the spaces in your home – and naturally preferably as energy-efficiently as possible. Besides LED lamps, our collection also contains lamps with built-in LEDs. And your daily morning routine such as brushing your teeth, showering and shaving is considerably easier with the right bathroom lighting. Position lamps around the mirror or fine spots that shine light on the right places. And don't forget the solar garden lighting and outdoor lighting for your balcony, terrace or garden. With the right lamp in the right place, everyone can make the home or garden cosy with very little difficulty.

Light up your life with our lamps 

Is your home designed the way you want it? With the proper lighting, you will create even more atmosphere in the space. Not sure which places in your home could use extra lighting? Make a lighting plan. Draw the room you want to light on a floor plan. Don't forget the furniture. Then draw the lamps in the right place and you'll immediately see which places need lighting. With stylish wall lamps, you can bring dark corners or empty walls to life and with spotlights you can go in even more directions. You can shine the light specifically on the places that deserve more light. Finished your lighting plan? Complete your lamp with a stylish lampshade. An eye-catching cord will give your lamp more character. Want something a little different? Vary the different types of lamps so you create additional features in important areas of your room or home. It is nice to come home after a hard day of working or studying.