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Sustainable Everyday

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    At IKEA we want to have a positive impact on people and the planet. That is why we are working on things that really matter, from using sustainable materials in our products to striving for 100% renewable energy in our operation. But we are not done yet. We have just started ...

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      Sustainable products

      By choosing a more sustainable product, you help us create a positive change for people and the environment.

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        Which sustainable choices can you make?

        IKEA wants to inspire you to live more sustainably at home. At IKEA we have plenty of products and solutions that not only save you money, but also energy and water. Together they make a big difference!

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          What does IKEA do?

          By investing in energy saving, renewable energy generation and the reuse of our waste streams, we want to reduce the ecological footprint of our own organization.


          1. Choose sustainable materials! We use 100% sustainable cotton: this is soft, airy and uses 50% less water and 30% less pesticides. Good for you and good for the environment!

          2. Wan to save 85% on your energy bill? Replace your incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs! These also last 15 times longer.

          3. Turn your roof into a power plant. With 8 solar panels you save up to 400 euros per year! Read more about our solar panels.

          4. Go for the vegetarian option today! Healthy, tasty, and you also reduce your CO2 impact.

          5. Every day you use around 30 liters of water in your kitchen. With a water-saving tap from IKEA you can reduce that by 30%!

          6. Did you know that an average household throws away 90 kilos of food per year? Prevent food waste and save money with our food savers!

          7. With other cushion covers you can give your sofa a new look! They are made from sustainable cotton. This cotton is produced with less water and pesticides.

          8. An induction hob makes cooking convenient, safe and sustainable because no heat is lost and you don't use gas. You can also easily keep it clean!

          9. More than 30% of your energy bill comes from the kitchen. With A ++ appliances you save up to 30% energy costs compared to A +.

          10. An average household produces 1000 kg of waste per year. If you properly separate your waste, 80% can be reused for new products. View storage for waste sorting.

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