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Student room

Study life your way

Finally got your diploma and looking forward to a new adventure? For some, the student life is the best time of their life. A nice place to relax or to study hard is extra important! Are you going to study in another city and have to move out or are you staying with your parents and want to make your room study-ready? We have the best solutions for every situation. Get inspired and check out all our tips for different types of study needs.

    Small cozy room

    Maybe you prefer studying when you’re all comfortable and snuggled up? Creating a cosy reading corner may be just as important as having a desk. Combine it with a bookcase and hanging folder, and keep writing accessories handy in a desktop organiser. Treat yourself to a tasty breakfast before you delve into the books!


      Efficient storage in a student room

      In a small dorm, you need to stay super-organised. Choose storage that creates visual harmony, and why not use the wall space too? And don’t forget to take care of your posture with a sit/stand desk and ergonomic footrest

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        A shared student apartment

        Sharing a dorm is great for your wallet and the planet. Discover our mobile solutions, whether it’s a desk, storage or laptop stand that allow you to adapt the space and make room for both studying and socialising.

            Create a gift registry for your graduation party

            As an IKEA Family member, you can now easily create a gift registry and share it with friends and family. Because the best gift is the one you wish for.

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