Bathroom products

On one visit you might be looking for a new bathroom tap, and on another you might need a new storage basket for the bathroom. Whatever you need, IKEA has the bathroom furniture and accessories you are looking for.

    New! Personal advice for bathroom storage

    Could you use some help designing your storage space in the bathroom?

    Together with one of our specialists during an online appointment, create a storage solution that fits your needs and wishes. This service is temporarily completely free of charge.

    Shower yourself with flowers

    IKEA shower curtains are designed to brighten your day and protect the rest of the bathroom from splashing water. IKEA shower curtains are available in different lengths and styles, and also have functional features.

    Towels with a cheerful print

    Embrace the retro style and choose colourful towels with a floral print that can be used in the bathroom, at the pool or on the beach. SANDVILAN towels are available in three sizes and are extra thick, soft and absorbent.

    The towels are made from 100% sustainable cotton, which means that you're contributing towards the wellbeing of cotton farmers and their families and towards a cleaner world.

    Make the most of your bathroom

    TISKEN bathroom suction hooks can be hung up quickly and easily, without having to drill holes into your walls. Hooks for towels or a holder for your toothbrush or soap dispenser.