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Working at IKEA

Most people see our products. We see the inspiring people who make these products into a reality. At IKEA, we believe in people. The process of each IKEA product involves many different roles and enthusiastic teams. Our culture is based on a sense of solidarity, enthusiasm and fun. And we're always looking for people who share our positive attitude and values.

Culture & Vision

We are a varied group of people who are straightforward, with both feet on the ground and whom share a passion for home furnishings. We come from all over the world but have an inspiring vision in common: "Improving daily life for as many people as possible". We achieve this vision on the basis of our shared human values that form the basis of our work and our inclusive, compassionate, open and honest culture.

A place where you feel at home

When you work at the IKEA Group, you're part of an inspiring, enjoyable and rapidly developing environment. We're the world's largest retailer of home furnishing products, with 135,000 employees and businesses in 43 countries, but we prefer to be as unbureaucratic as possible. With us, you can always be yourself. We even actively encourage it!

At IKEA, we respect each other and each other's differences and are open to everyone's input. Wherever you work at IKEA in the world, you'll encounter a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and specific skills.

We’re all-in on equality, diversity and inclusion

For us it’s a no-brainer. A diverse, inclusive and gender-equal workplace is a better workplace. We now have a 50/50 gender balance in our management positions and are working towards making this a reality throughout our business by 2022.

Unique people, unique UPPDRAGS

Every IKEA employee has his or her own motivation to work at IKEA. A personal mission to improve themselves, IKEA and the world around us. In Sweden, such a personal mission is called an Uppdrag.

Take a look at the workdays of our IKEA employees and discover their personal UPPDRAGS.