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Sustainability is high on the agenda at IKEA. By 2030, all materials we use will be renewable or recycled. KNIXHULT — our range of hand-made bamboo lamps — is a great example of this strategy in action. Available from this month. Take a look at their inspiring journey …

Living room with table lamp, floor lamp and ceiling lamp made of bamboo

When you think of futuristic design, bamboo is probably not the first material that springs to mind. So how does KNIXHULT fit in? Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and self-regenerating raw materials in the world. The lighting team at IKEA worked with IKEA product developer Anna Granath and award-winning sustainability designer Emma Olbers. Anna: "The raw materials on our planet are limited and we must use them wisely. For me, circular design means that I can look my children in the eye knowing I have done something to make sure there is a world left for them to live in".

Production process for the KNIXHULT pendant lamp, floor lamp and table lamp

New traditional crafts

The team travelled to Vietnam to learn about the bamboo supply chain and work with local professionals. The trip was a learning process for everyone. "By working with the raw material and allowing its natural characteristics to shine, we were able to use much more of the material", says Anna. Where previously only 18% of the bamboo was used, KNIXHULT pushes this figure up to 65%. Another interesting fact Emma shares with us: "We all wanted to create a product with minimal carbon emissions. Bamboo is actually CO2 positive and absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while it grows".

Production process for the KNIXHULT pendant lamp, floor lamp and table lamp
Production process for the KNIXHULT pendant lamp, floor lamp and table lamp
Production process for the KNIXHULT pendant lamp, floor lamp and table lamp
KNIXULT pendant lamp, floor lamp and table lamp

A lamp with a unique look

Another thing that makes this line so special is the natural variation in the material. No two lamps are the same: "We want natural materials to have variations, as it reminds us of humans. We are all a bit different, and we have found that beauty in the variations in bamboo," says Emma.

KNIXHULT pendant lamp

Sustainable icon

KNIXHULT will be available in three variants, including a ceiling lamp and a floor lamp. But in order to really call itself sustainable, the hard work does not stop at the material. Not only does the packaging contain zero plastic, but the lamp itself won't end up in a landfill. "If you look after KNIXHULT, it will last a very long time", says Emma. "And when its life does come to an end, it is easy to separate the different parts for recycling".

It is, of course, also important to recognise our own responsibility: "As consumers, we also have an important task. If you buy something, opt for recyclable materials or items with a low CO2 impact. Ask yourself: Will this age well? It is easy to repair? Can I recycle it?"

KNIXHULT will be available in IKEA stores from April 2019.

Which KNIXHULT is your favourite?

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