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Reduce waste

Even when you live frugally, there’s always a certain amount of household waste, often from food and packaging. Sorting your recyclables and organising your fridge are two ways to help reduce waste – as well as make your home a little tidier.

Separating waste, will you join us?

Separating is easier if each type of recyclable material has its own special bin. This way, less waste goes to landfill. With both separate and installation options, such as the HÅLLBAR series, your home will also be cleaner.

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Zes witte SORTERA afvalscheidingsbakken met deksel, in twee stapels van drie stuks, in een houten stapelrek onder eieren en flessen.
See all recycling bins
Een witte SORTERA afvalscheidingsbak met open deksel waarin kranten liggen, onder een plank met ingemaakte rode groente in glazen potten.

Waste isn’t always waste. Veg peels in broths, seeds grown in egg boxes, newspaper as gift-wrap...