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How to choose furniture that lives longer

By 2030, the potential to repurpose, repair, reuse, resell or recycle will be built-in to every IKEA product. Of course, even today, there’s usually an easy and satisfying way to prolong the life of your furniture – rather than send it to the scrapheap. It's easy to clean, renew, fix or expand your furniture. Or take it back to IKEA using our Buy Back Service and get a voucher for something new, when you're really looking to freshen up your home.

Stop-animation shows an IVAR pine chair quickly painted green and then converted to a stand for a potted plant.
Video: A sequence shows three different lengths of a child’s extendable MINNEN bed.

Furniture that adapts to the future

As your family grows, your lifestyle changes or your tastes mature, you might be grateful for your modular furniture. Rather than make a big upfront purchase that you later need to replace, you can add simply the modules that you need, as and when you need them. Modular furniture can be the affordable way to make sure that you can easily adapt your home furnishings to a new living situation.

Any furniture that’s both durable and multifunctional will more than pay you back over time. For example, with a bed that has built-in storage you can enjoy many years of restful sleep – and a less cluttered bedroom at the same time.

Products that can adapt as needs change are perhaps even more useful when you live with children, who can quickly outgrow their furniture. The MINNEN extendable bed helps you to neatly avoid the cost and hassle of buying a new bed with every growth spurt.

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Video: A woman cleans a light-grey sofa arm, zips up a dark-grey cushion cover and then sits on the same sofa, now with a red cover.

New furniture – or refreshed furniture?

Eventually, your well-used furniture can start to show signs of everyday wear and tear. Often, you can give it a whole new lease of life with very little cost or effort.

If your sofa has washable and replaceable covers, for example, you can easily get a just-new feeling whenever you fancy. You can always keep the sofa clean and fresh – or totally reinvent the look with a change of colours and patterns.

A lick of paint or stain can add extra durability to wooden furniture such as tables, chairs and storage systems. They’ll better withstand the knocks and scrapes of daily use.

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Give your furniture a second life - and pick something new for less

Sometimes you just want something new to replace your BILLY, HEMNES or KALLAX. Even if it isn't ready for the trash. And that's okay. You can give your piece of furniture a second life at a new home by taking it back to IKEA using the Buy Back Service.

Fill in the form to get an estimation of the amount you will get for your furniture. Take it back to the IKEA store of your choice and you will receive this amount in the form of an IKEA voucher. That you can use directly to shop for something new.

Video: As the camera pans over a neatly arranged display of IKEA spare parts, a hand reaches in and picks one up.

Can you fix it? Yes, you can

Time takes a toll on even the most durable products. But, often, you only need to make a minor repair to get that chair, table or sofa back into everyday service. And you hardly need to be an expert to do so. You probably put together the furniture in the first place, so you already know what’s what.

With that in mind, you can find most of the spare parts that you might need through IKEA customer service. Many people enjoy the satisfaction of mending and reusing, rather than throwing away – your wallet and the environment will also feel the benefit.

With the launch of the IKEA buy back & resell service, you can receive in-store credit and give your used IKEA furniture a second life. There’ll be no need to recycle or dump your old stuff if the products are in a resellable condition.

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