VIMMERN Kitchen mixer tap/handspray, stainless steel colour
VIMMERN Kitchen mixer tap/handspray, stainless steel colour
VIMMERN Kitchen mixer tap/handspray, stainless steel colour
VIMMERN Kitchen mixer tap/handspray, stainless steel colour
VIMMERN Kitchen mixer tap/handspray, stainless steel colour
VIMMERN Kitchen mixer tap/handspray, stainless steel colour

This tap helps lower water- and energy-use – so you can lower your bills too. The handspray is practical for cleaning veggies and the quality is guaranteed to outlast many years of washing and rinsing.


Product details

10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.The mixer tap insert has hard, durable ceramic discs that can handle the high friction that occurs when you change the temperature of the water.The tap functions two ways, so you can switch between a concentrated stream and hand shower just by pushing the buttons on the handle.The handle holder is magnetic making it very easy to detach and attach the hand spray with only one hand. By that washing and rinsing becomes very flexible and convenient.Equipped with check valve to prevent back flow.Tested and certified according to relevant mechanical, quality and safety standards.The kitchen mixer tap can be used in high-pressure systems. Tested to manage a pressure of max. 10 bar (1000 kPa). Recommended working pressure: 1.0 - 5.0 bar (100 kPa - 500 kPa).WELS 6 star rating, 3.5 l/min.Max. temperature hot water connection 80°C/176°F. Recommended temperature is 65°C/149°F.Spare parts are available to prolong the life of your product. For more information, contact IKEA Customer Services at your IKEA store or you are uncertain about the installation, contact a professional. The installation shall be made in accordance with valid local building and plumbing regulations.To be mounted in a 35 mm hole in a max. 50 mm thick sink/worktop.To have sufficient room to use the handspray there must be at least 55 cm of space between your worktop and wall cabinet.Water and energy saving aerator (5.7 l/min.) for high-pressure systems included.Connection hoses with 1/2" connection included. Length: 35 cm.A tool is included that makes it easy to install the mixer tap in place.Swivel spout: 360°.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Brass, Metallized
    Do not use scouring-powder, steel wool, hard or sharp tools which can scratch the surface.Wipe clean with a soft cloth dampened in water and a mild washing-up detergent or soap, if necessary.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Water is precious and should not be wasted. That’s why all our taps and showers have a mechanism that helps save water and energy while keeping the water pressure just right. Good for us and our planet.
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    Width: 29 cmHeight: 5 cmLength: 67 cmWeight: 2.73 kgPackage(s): 1

Product size

47 cm


This mixer works very well.NilsThis mixer works very well. It has 2 modes for the water flow: straight flow or as a spray. The default when you turn it on is straight. It would be good if you could change the default to spray. Otherwise an exvcellent product.5
Great featuresSophyloiBought a month ago, so far so good. The tap is working perfect. Happy buy....5
Water savingAundyI bought months ago, it looks very stylish & do save a lot of water, price is comparably cheap. However the head leaks badly when turn to the shower mode since day one, quality issue.3
Perfect for our needsRBN057Easy to install. looks good5
Ramil02I bought a few months ago, just after couple of weeks, the spray is not working properly. Water goes everywhere. I dont know what's wrong, but now were not using the spray anymore.1
Thank you Mr Modify! Great tap when valve removedPommyTomLove this tap. Visually appealing - put together well - sturdy after install (had to modify the tripod of plastic a bit to fit). The _only_ problem was the incredibly low water flow. I thought it was simply a case of the pipes as they're half the diameter of the old ones. But after reading Mr Modify's idea above it has enough flow again! Brilliant! I didn't need to drill it out - just shoved in a pair of needle nose pliers until the inner valve is sideways, grab hold and yank. No more valve blocking _all_ the pressure.5
must modifyMr modifypressure is too low for instantaneous hot water, or just too low for normal use. the problem is in the head. unscrew the head , you will see a spring loaded valve, I could not get this thing to budge so got a small drill and started drilling it ,then the whole cylinder with outer o ring came out , excellent result after 3years of wasting water, now works like a dream. The original flow rate is only 3.5l /min but most people won't realise this.4
Fantastic love the magnetic clipNeanie11Bought it 3 months ago So happy with it5
Easy to useMaz TagJust had installed love it5
Looks goodGrey 123We bought it because it looks great. But so unfortunate the new tap we bought leaks after we spent hour to installed it! So disappointed!1
idea is good butrachxbuttons are hard to press and spray is very weak2
Spraying water horizontally!!!JinnikinsAfter using this tap for about 4 months the button that switches to the shower mode developed a leak and sprays water out the side. Had to stop using it as it was drenching the timber bench top! No water saving there!! Also, the pressure is set far too low and takes too long to fill the sink for washing up, etc.1
POOR QUALITYLurgiPurchased a year ago and leaks substantially from joints. Very disappointed as I paid $299. Water flow very poor compared to previous tap. Plumber tells me its not fixable will return asap once plumber has removed.1
didn"t last nine months before it brokeVicinVicThis tap didn't last more than nine months before the handle fell off. Prior to that it was also disappointing as it didn't have good pressure, despite all other taps in the house having strong pressure, the spray feature was more of a gimmick and not very effective. Disappointing1
NICE DESIGN BUT DIDN"T WORK FOR UStuchafioloI bought this tap because of its design and versatility, but unfortunately it didn't work well. The nose kept falling off the bracket and this was very annoying.3
VIMMERN Kitchen mixer tap/handspray, stainless steel colour

Saving water at every step

Every time you rinse salad, fill a kettle or wash dishes, you're helping with something essential—saving water. How? Thanks to the small aerator in every IKEA kitchen mixer tap that reduces water flow while maintaining pressure. We didn't invent aerators, but think they are an important example of how we can work together to save water for everyone's benefit.  Read More
Four years ago, we started a project to improve our taps and knew we needed more expertise. That's when we hired Antony Smith, an engineer from England who has worked with taps for more than a decade. Now he lives in Sweden and is part of a small team that develops taps and showers for IKEA. Like every new employee, Antony read founder Ingvar Kamprad's Testament of a Furniture Dealer. In it, Ingvar writes 'wasting resources is a mortal sin at IKEA.' This helped Antony understand how much we care about water and how his job is just one step in our larger approach to sustainability.

A company-wide dedication

"When I got to IKEA, I realised we practise what we preach about sustainability," Antony says. "It's a refreshing experience, but it makes our job really difficult because we genuinely have to deliver on sustainability with each product." So why is conserving water so important? Because water is one of our planet's most precious resources. Earth may be covered in a lot of water, but very little of it is drinkable and even less is accessible. No organism can survive without it, and no new water is created. It's constantly recycled, but our freshwater supply is overused; not evenly distributed; and impacted by pollution, contamination and climate change.

A water-conscious commitment

IKEA values the quality and quantity of water so much that we are committed to being water positive by 2020. One aspect is finding simple ways for people to conserve water. Aerators are a step we took long before our water commitment, but Antony and his team are working hard on new water saving taps using sensors or spray technology. Behind the scenes, there's more to our commitment than what we develop for kitchens. Our initiative also includes exploring ways to improve water efficiency across the whole product process, whether it’s at our suppliers, distribution centres or stores. It can mean providing factory workers and their families with fresh drinking water, ensuring all factory water is cleaned before release, reducing water usage in textile production or using rainwater to flush toilets in stores. "We make things hard on ourselves for good reasons, Antony says."

An every-bit-counts belief

See why the aerator in your kitchen mixer tap is a small part of our bigger effort to conserve water? "Some people who live where you can just turn on your tap and get water may not really think about saving water; it's taken for granted," Antony says. But he and his team think about water at every step. It's part of creating a positive impact on people and the planet. We think every water-saving action adds up and thank you for helping with your kitchen mixer tap!
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Saving water every time you turn on the tap

All of our kitchen mixer taps save up to 40% water. They have a simple watersaving device that reduces the water flow (but without you noticing any difference).

Kitchen mixer tap/handspray, stainless steel colour

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VIMMERN Kitchen mixer tap/handspray, stainless steel colour