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Let’s make a more sustainable every day

We believe a healthier planet starts at home. From second life furniture available in-store or online, to sustainable services and waste-saving ideas, here we’ve collected some of the ways we can all contribute to a more sustainable everyday.

Popular, planet-friendly products

Sustainable focused services

Our sustainability strategy

Second life furniture, ready for a new home

Did you know you can shop pre-loved IKEA furniture in-store and online? Featuring discontinued and display items, as well as second life furniture from our Buy-back service, shop our planet (and pocket) friendly As-Is items.

From pre-loved to re-loved

Our furniture Buy-back service lets you sell us pre-loved IKEA furniture you don’t need anymore. You get an IKEA refund card Someone else buys your furniture from us and gives it a new home. Win, win.

Make the most of our As-Is area

From slightly-used floor displays, to seasonal products and pre-loved furniture, our As-Is products come from all walks of life. One thing they all have in common though is that they’re functional and ready for a second life. See what’s available in your local store.

To find out what is available in your local IKEA store, the As-Is area is located just before the checkouts.

Here you will find good deals for home and planet.

Explore our sustainability commitments

Committed to a more sustainable future

As one of the world’s largest retailers, we are determined to fight climate change. Find out how we plan on becoming even more sustainable by 2030.

The IKEA sustainability strategy