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Cabinets & cupboards

Complete storage for your living room

Time to freshen up your living room with some stylish and practical storage? Choose from open and closed living room storage systems that satisfy all your needs. You’ll find functional storage, storage that looks good, even storage you can sit on. Stay clean and uncluttered with style.

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An olive-green LINNEBÄCK easy chair next to a pine IVAR shelving unit with cabinet with an ISNÅLEN LED work lamp on top.
    A living room with a BESTÅ storage combination with glass doors, including decorations and an integrated workstation.
    A teen reading while lying on a PLATSA storage bench in front of a white BILLY bookcase, filled with books and a speaker.
    A pine IVAR cabinet on a wall with vases on top of it, including a set of 3 clear glass CYLINDER vases and a BEGÄRLIG vase.
    See all living room storage systems

    What are the different types of IKEA cabinets?

    IKEA provides a diverse selection of furniture to help you meet your storage and organization needs.

    For instance, if you're looking to create your dream kitchen, IKEA's kitchen cabinets come in various sizes, styles, and colours and include drawers, doors, and shelves options.

    Similarly, our cabinets cater to your bathroom storage needs with different sizes and shapes, wall-mounted and free-standing options, and features such as mirrors and integrated lighting.

    You can also find a range of wardrobes, from sliding doors to hinged doors, with drawers, shelves, and hanging space.

    IKEA offers bookcases for book storage or room dividers, including open shelves, closed doors, and adjustable shelves.

    Moreover, for holding your TV and other media equipment, IKEA has a range of cabinets in different sizes and styles, including options for drawers, doors, and open shelves.

    Lastly, general storage cabinets with drawers, doors, and open shelves can be used in any room.