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The day is done. Time to relax. Enjoy time with family, guests or just a well-earned quiet moment to yourself. Whatever you choose, our sofa range is up to the task. 

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Sit back and relax. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures, and it’s all about personal comfort. With a sofa and armchair, everyone in the family can get comfortable. We have all sorts of cosy sofa suites to choose from, so you can find a seating solution to sink into that matches a look you love, too. 


Finding the perfect sofa could be considered an art form. Size, material, colour, upholstery, shape, accessories, and overall design – they all need to be considered. That's why we have a wide selection of sofas to ensure you can find your perfect one. No matter if you're looking for a sectional, a sofa-bed, an ottoman or accessories, you're guaranteed to find it here. And to help you further, we've put together a quick guide to assist you in your choice. 


What kind of sofa do you need?

First, you should consider what you'll be using your sofa for.  

With room to spare

Is it to be an elegant centrepiece in a modern living room? Or a place where the entire family can gather for the Friday pizza dinner and movie marathons? Then you should be looking at the sectional sofas. That way, you can put together the pieces just how you prefer them, to make sure there's enough room for everyone

Compact living made easy.

If you're living in a smaller space, you might consider a sofa-bed. And you should! It's the perfect solution to a tricky problem: it's a chill place to hang out by day and a soft and relaxing bed by night. Simply fold-out the mattress when it's time to go to bed, and then tuck it away behind or below the cushions in the morning. 

Wondering what to do with the cushions and duvet when you're not using the sofa as a bed? No problem, get yourself a couch with a storage solution underneath, where you can place everything when you don't need it. 

Don't forget to measure

Make sure to measure your room properly, so you can find a balance between your sofa and the rest of the furniture. You want the area to feel calm, not crowded because of the lack of space and air. 

Here, you should also decide on the shape of the sofa. Do you have enough room for an L-shaped or a U-shaped sofa? Or should you go for a rectangular 2- or 3-seater? 

The final touch: style

Once you've decided on the size and type of sofa, you need to choose a style to accompany the rest of the room and its interior. For example, if you've got a modern look going, get yourself a sofa that's in the minimalist style. It'll create a well-balanced impression.  

But if you're more of a bold type of person, why not try a patterned fabric? It could be the perfect addition to really make the room pop. And if you're going for a complete look, don't forget to match with beautiful curtains and nice, soft rugs



What is the difference between a sofa, couch, and lounge?

The terms sofa, couch, and lounge are often used interchangeably, but subtle differences exist in their meaning and usage.

A sofa is a long, upholstered seat that can accommodate two or more people. It usually has armrests and a backrest and can come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. Sofas are typically found in living rooms, family rooms, and other areas where people gather to relax and socialise.

A couch is also a long, upholstered seat, but it tends to be smaller and more informal than a sofa. It is often more casual and may not have armrests or a backrest as high as a sofa's. Couches are often used in informal settings such as family rooms, dens, and basements.

A lounge is a piece of furniture designed for relaxation, often used in a more formal or upscale setting, such as a hotel lobby or lounge area. It is typically longer and wider than a sofa or couch and may have a chaise or recliner attached to it. Lounges are designed to be comfortable and luxurious, and they are often upholstered in high-quality materials such as leather or velvet.

Overall, while there are some differences in their design and usage, the terms sofa, couch, and lounge are often used interchangeably and refer to long, upholstered seats that provide a comfortable place to sit and relax.

Which IKEA couch is most comfortable?

It's important to remember that a couch's comfort can be subjective and depends on personal preferences. It's recommended to visit your local store and test out the couches in person before making a purchase decision. 

However, based on customer reviews and ratings, a few couches are known for their comfort:

KIVIK: This couch is known for its soft, plush cushions and supportive backrest. It has a sturdy frame and is available in a range of sizes and colours.

FRIHETEN: This couch is a popular choice for those looking for a comfortable sofa bed. It has a spacious design and a thick, comfortable mattress.

GRÖNLID: This couch is designed with deep seats and soft, plush cushions that provide great comfort and support. It is available in a range of sizes and configurations, including sectional options.

What do Australians call couches?

In Australia, the term "couch" is commonly used to refer to a long, upholstered seat designed for two or more people to sit on. However, some Australians may also use the term "sofa" or "lounge" interchangeably with "couch". It is worth noting that the use of language can vary depending on regional differences and personal preferences.