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Relaxing rugs – a comfy way to restyle a room

It’s nice to relax with your feet on something comfortable. A new rug also lets you upgrade your décor without a lot of time and effort, so you’ll be happy from head to toe.

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A GRÖNLID 2-seat sofa and a FJÄLLBO coffee table stand in front of a window on a LOHALS flatwoven rug.
Some black ADDE chairs stand at a dining table on top of a black/natural TIPHEDE flatwoven rug on a wooden floor.
See all large & medium rugs

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A barefoot bliss

The soft-spun STOENSE rug is all about comfort. You can actually cover the whole floor in feet-deep fluff.

A grey STOENSE low pile rug on a floor near a vase, with two off-white STOENSE rugs on top, one rolled up and one ruffled.
The end of a rolled up off-white STOENSE low pile rug on top of a medium grey STOENSE rug, showing the pile and finish.