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Smart Home

Smart lighting makes your life easier

You can turn on the lights before you get up in the morning. Or dim them to set the mood without leaving your sofa. And that’s just the start. Smart lighting is an easy way to an easier life.

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A hand controlling JAKOBSBYN pendant lampshades in glass with dimmable TRÅDFRI LED bulbs with a TRÅDFRI remote control.
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Experience what a smart home could do for you

Turn the lights on then off again or change their colour. Open your blinds for the fresh morning light then close them as the evening draws in. Turn up the volume for a party, or lower it when it's time to relax. You set the scene, with a walk in the room, the touch of a button or even your voice. 

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Experience IKEA Home smart. Today and every day.

Experience IKEA Home smart. Today and every day.

Whether you want a fully smart home or more control here and there, IKEA Home smart products can help your life to run more smoothly. You can raise the blinds, switch on the lights and turn on the music all at the touch of a button or at the sound of your voice. You can even set them to come on automatically. You don’t even have to get out of bed.

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IKEA and Sonos

IKEA and Sonos

A collaboration combining the home furnishing knowledge IKEA is famous for with sound and technology expertise from Sonos. The result? High-quality, affordable products that make it easy to furnish with sound.

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Get the most from electric blinds

Let your blinds go up before you do

Your life will be more relaxing with electric blinds. You can pull them down in the evening without leaving your sofa. And you can put your bedroom blinds on a timer so you’re woken up the natural way by daylight in the morning. 

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