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Cushions & cushion covers

They're cosy, soft and make everything comfier. Plus, sofa cushions are a super affordable way to change the feel of your room in no time flat. So go for it—opt for fresh new colours, patterns, and textures that will breathe new life into your space. Pile ‘em high and prepare for ultimate comfort.

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More optionsGURLI Cushion cover 50x50 cm

GURLI Cushion cover, dark grey, 50x50 cmGURLI Cushion cover, dark green, 50x50 cmGURLI Cushion cover, light pink, 50x50 cm

More optionsSANELA Cushion cover 50x50 cm

SANELA Cushion cover, light beige, 50x50 cmSANELA Cushion cover, dark blue, 50x50 cmSANELA Cushion cover, light blue, 50x50 cm

More optionsSVARTPOPPEL Cushion cover 50x50 cm

SVARTPOPPEL Cushion cover, light pink, 50x50 cmSVARTPOPPEL Cushion cover, pale blue, 50x50 cmSVARTPOPPEL Cushion cover, grey-green, 50x50 cm

More optionsSANELA Cushion cover 65x65 cm

SANELA Cushion cover, light brown-red, 65x65 cmSANELA Cushion cover, dark grey, 65x65 cmSANELA Cushion cover, light olive-green, 65x65 cm

More optionsKÄRLEKSGRÄS Cushion 40x40 cm

KÄRLEKSGRÄS Cushion, grey, 40x40 cmKÄRLEKSGRÄS Cushion, green, 40x40 cmKÄRLEKSGRÄS Cushion, light green, 40x40 cm

More optionsDYTÅG Cushion cover 50x50 cm

DYTÅG Cushion cover, dark blue, 50x50 cmDYTÅG Cushion cover, red-brown, 50x50 cmDYTÅG Cushion cover, dark beige, 50x50 cm

More optionsSANELA Cushion cover 40x58 cm

SANELA Cushion cover, light beige, 40x58 cmSANELA Cushion cover, yellow-beige, 40x58 cm

More optionsMAJBRÄKEN Cushion cover 50x50 cm

MAJBRÄKEN Cushion cover, light pink, 50x50 cmMAJBRÄKEN Cushion cover, black-blue, 50x50 cmMAJBRÄKEN Cushion cover, grey-green, 50x50 cm

More optionsSANDTRAV Cushion 45x45 cm

SANDTRAV Cushion, yellow-beige/white, 45x45 cmSANDTRAV Cushion, light blue/white, 45x45 cmSANDTRAV Cushion, grey-green/white, 45x45 cm

More optionsFJÄDRAR Cushion pad 50x50 cm

FJÄDRAR Cushion pad, white, 65x65 cmFJÄDRAR Cushion pad, grey, 40x58 cm
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A new cushion to shape up your style

With its elegant rectangular shape, this latest addition to the GURLI cushion cover range is ready to inject a fresh look onto beds, sofas and even hallway benches. Try it with low-key patterns for a calming rustic feel that’s always inviting.

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A rectangular cushion in a beige GURLI cover in front of a square cushion in a light pink IDALINNEA cover on a rattan bench.
A corner of a cushion in a beige GURLI cover with a cushion in a light pink IDALINNEA cover behind it on a rattan bench.
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Setting the style with cushion covers

Looking for a quick, easy and very affordable way to create a style? You could mix cushion covers in earth colours to give a soft, traditional look. Or why not use different graphic patterns, together with calm solid colours as a background, to create a modern vibe?

Cushions in different cushion covers including one in a dark beige DYTÅG cushion cover lie on top of a storage unit.
Cushions in different cushion covers including one in a light blue GURLI cushion cover on top of a FRÖSET easy chair.

Fresh touches with new cushions and covers

Cushions or cushion covers are a quick, easy way to give things a refresh without breaking your budget. So why not cheer up your old sofa or boost your bedroom today?

A SÖDERHAMN 3-seat section, with a throw and an extra cushion with a DYTÅG cushion cover, stands in a living room.
Four cushions, including one in a grey/white STORTIMJAN cushion cover, are piled on a LINANÄS sofa near a throw.
A bed in a room with a sloping ceiling with JUNIMAGNOLIA white/dark blue bed linen and pink cushions and a throw.
A cushion covered in an off-white SVARTPOPPEL cover on top of bedding in floral white/multicoloured LAPPNYCKLAR bed linen.
A GUNNEMOR throw lies on a cushion with an AINA cushion cover on top of an EVALI throw which is lying on top of a sofa.
Cushions in different cushion covers, including a HILDAMARIA cushion cover, on a NEIDEN bed covered in white bed linen.
A PLATSA storage bench with a lot of cushions on top, including one in a JÄTTEPOPPEL cushion cover, stands under a window.
A cushion in an off-white/black SPIKKLUBBA cushion cover in front of another cushion in a dark beige DYTÅG cushion cover.

Maximum comfort with minimum effort. Plus, a stylish element that can lift any decor. That’s what a cushion brings to the table (even though it might be comfier on the sofa)! Large or small, cotton or velvet, bright colours or neutral tones. Either way, you can quickly and easily transform your home. And you’ll add texture and personality to your space at the same time. 

Place them on your sofa, in the armchair, on the floor as pouffes or in your bed as a backrest. Do the kids need bigger building blocks for pillow forts? Go big and aim for lots of pillows, preferably in a larger size. But if they’re mainly for stylish decorations, we’d recommend a calculated number in smaller sizes for balance. 


The cushion – a small detail with a big impact

Imagine curling up on the couch with a wonderful cup of hot tea. Or lying down in bed after a long day at work. What would these moments be like without a stack of cuddly cushions?  

Light up your living room

In the living room, there are typically two ways to go; monochrome or contrasting colours and patterns. With the monochrome option, the pillows match the sofa and other furnishings. For the contrasting style, the cushions go in a colour that cuts sharply against either the sofa or the general tone of your room. Whichever style you choose can look great. Just make sure to visualise how your new pillows will look together with the rest of your interior. Will they sit well alongside the carpet, the sofa, the curtains, and so on? 

Soften up your bedroom

Go for many small to medium-sized pillows if you want to go for a bohemian, “pillow pile” look. Or are you more into that elegant hotel feeling? Invest in stylish cushions in different sizes that you place in front of each other. Get yourself a nice headboard and a really good-looking bedspread to complete the look. 

Spice up your space with cushion covers

With cushion covers, you can spruce up your interior whenever you feel like it. Or why not change with the seasons? Go for a lighter interior during spring and summer, and a heavier colour scheme during autumn and winter. You just change the covers. As easy as that. 

In addition to being flexible interior details, our cushion covers are also durable. If you spill on them or they gather dirt over time, you can easily remove them and throw them in the washing machine.