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Armchairs & chaise longues

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More optionsSTRANDMON Wing chair

STRANDMON Wing chair, Vibberbo black/beigeSTRANDMON Wing chair, Kelinge beigeSTRANDMON Wing chair, Djuparp dark green-blue

More optionsPOÄNG Armchair

POÄNG Armchair, birch veneer/Hillared beigePOÄNG Armchair, birch veneer/Hillared dark bluePOÄNG Armchair, birch veneer/Knisa black

More optionsVEDBO Armchair

VEDBO Armchair, Gunnared blueVEDBO Armchair, Gunnared light brown-pinkVEDBO Armchair, Gunnared light green

More optionsLINNEBÄCK Easy chair

LINNEBÄCK Easy chair, Vissle dark greyLINNEBÄCK Easy chair, Orrsta light grey

More optionsNOLMYRA Easy chair

NOLMYRA Easy chair, black/black

More optionsJÄTTEBO Cover 1,5-seat module with storage

JÄTTEBO Cover 1,5-seat module with storage, Samsala grey-beigeJÄTTEBO Cover 1,5-seat module with storage, Tonerud grey

More optionsREMSTA Armchair

REMSTA Armchair, Hakebo beigeREMSTA Armchair, Hakebo dark grey

More optionsSTRANDMON Armchair and footstool

STRANDMON Armchair and footstool, Vibberbo black/beigeSTRANDMON Armchair and footstool, Kelinge beigeSTRANDMON Armchair and footstool, Djuparp dark green

More optionsOSKARSHAMN Wing chair with footstool

OSKARSHAMN Wing chair with footstool, Gunnared black/greyOSKARSHAMN Wing chair with footstool, Tonerud red

More optionsEKERÖ Armchair

EKERÖ Armchair, Skiftebo dark greyEKERÖ Armchair, Skiftebo yellowEKERÖ Armchair, Skiftebo orange

More optionsEKOLSUND Recliner

EKOLSUND Recliner, Gunnared dark grey
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These new STRANDMON slipcovers let your armchair and footstool bloom

An easy way to refresh the look of your STRANDMON armchair or footstool? Simply replace the slipcover. Prepare to be wowed with these new floral slipcovers – available for a limited time – that give your furniture a fresh, new and vibrant look while protecting it.

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A STRANDMON wingchair and STRANDMON footstool, both with floral Frörum slipcovers, stand in a sunny room with sheer curtains.
    A STRANDMON footstool with a floral Frörum slipcover stands on top of a rug in a room with white curtains.
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      This new armchair adds rustic charm to your home

      The new PERSBOL armchair has crafted details and a timeless design – a simple yet striking way to add character to any room. Designer Nike Karlsson says, “The traditional design creates a sense of familiarity, and the wood adds a warm and genuine feel, while the expression is light and airy.”

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      A PERSBOL armchair with a cushion on top of it stands in a room with a guitar, glass-door cabinet, and potted plants.
        A black/Tibbleby beige/grey PERBOL armchair with a throw on it showcases its crafted feel and design through its spindles.
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          Every home needs a place to sit back, put your feet up and relax. For some, it’s the bed. For others, it might be the be the sofa. For you, it could be a new, luxurious armchair.  

          In our selection, you’ll find comfortable, stylish, indulgent and modest armchairs to suit your needs. Most are available in multiple sizes, styles, designs and colours.  Whether you're looking for a statement piece or something more subtle, we have a range of armchairs that will complement any furniture style in your home.

          The many different types of armchair 

          The different types of armchairs can serve many purposes in your home. A tub chair or contemporary armchair can perfectly complement your sofa arrangement. A wingback or high-back armchair can create a great reading spot, with a strategically positioned floor lamp beside it. A small armchair that is easy to move is perfect for offering extra seating when guests are over. And a classical rocking chair can be the perfect place to sit when knitting a long scarf.  

          Recliner chairs for extra comfort 

          Are you looking to create the ultimate spot to relax in your home? See our recliner chairs. With a recliner chair you can easily adjust the backrest to accommodate your needs. Sit up when enjoying a magazine or a good book and lay down when you want to rest your eyes or take a nap.  

          How to take care of your armchair 

          Accidents happen. And spilling food or drink in an armchair could leave an irritating stain in the fabric. To combat this, several of our armchairs and recliners have a removable cover, which mean you can just throw it in the washing machine to remove the stain.  

          If your chair doesn't have removable covers, you can try cleaning the stain with a damp cloth. Use together with some upholstery shampoo for particularly stubborn stains. Once you've found your new armchair, make sure to read the care instructions for more tips on how to take care of it.  

          Add cushions and blankets 

          To maximise the comfort with your armchair, add a cushion and a soft, warm blanket to cuddle up in. We have cushions and cushion covers in different sizes, colours and patterns. Our comfy blankets and throws also come in different styles, so everyone can find one matching their armchair or recliner.