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Home improvement

A simple scene change

A new wall plate behind the worktop is perhaps exactly what you should start with when you want a more stylish kitchen. We have wall panels in many different materials, surfaces and colours, so we think you will find one that matches the rest of the decor.

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    Tools and fittings for all your DIY needs

    We have everything from screwdrivers and hammers to spirit levels and power tools, so you can finally get that home project started.

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    A woman is sitting on the floor while putting together a drawer using a screwdriver from the FIXA 17-piece tool set.
      The open FIXA 17-piece tool set showing the hammer, pliers, screwdriver and wrench.
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        Give your furniture a new lease on life

        Explore the range of brushes, oils, protectors and stains to give your furniture the longevity it deserves.

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        FIXA bush set of 3 in size order from left to right.
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        A second chance for our furniture

        In As-is online, you will find everything from discontinued products, ex-Showroom displays and all sorts of things we think can have a second life. 

        Although some products may be slightly used, all items have been checked to ensure they are still safe and functional. Help us help these products find a new home. 

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