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IKEA for Business

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An IKEA Business Network account is your gateway to a more personalised and tailored relationship with IKEA. By knowing your needs and challenges, we can help you create a better everyday life at work for your business. Better yet, it's free. 

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Book a consultation with an IKEA for Business specialist to see how we can support your business. 

Let us help your business take climate action

At IKEA, we want to make it easy for businesses to take climate action. That’s why we’ve partnered with the SME Climate Hub, which offers free access to a range of tools and expert guidance that can help small businesses like yours make real change for a more sustainable future.  

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A gallery of business space ideas

Whether you're preparing to open a café or update an office, we have plenty of fresh styles, moods and solutions right here.

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A MARKUS office chair, TROTTEN sit/stand desk and TROTTEN cabinets with sliding doors are in a light and airy office.
    A light, airy store interior with a LOHALS rug and denim garments arranged in white ELVARLI storage combinations.
    A light restaurant interior with a white TOMMARYD table and RÖNNINGE birch chairs under a KNIXHULT bamboo pendant.
    A workspace centred around a BEKANT desk and a HATTEFJÄLL office chair in a softly sunlit room with an earthy colour palette.
    A bright, spacious store interior centred round a large kitchen island with light-ash-effect ASKERSUND drawer fronts.
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    Large, airy office space with white TROTTEN storage units on castors, and desks, chairs and shelving units in light shades.

    TROTTEN office range adapts as your business grows

    From home to high-rise! The TROTTEN system easily adjusts to your changing needs with multipurpose furniture and modular add-on units. All with a 10-year guarantee. 

    Explore the TROTTEN system

    Put your products on a pedestal

    Go beyond products on a shelf, play with lighting and placement to help your merchandise look its best and bring out the personality of your business.

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    A kitchen island with light-ash-effect ASKERSUND drawer fronts beneath SÖDÅKRA pendants in a spacious, light store interior
      A white KALLAX shelving unit with neatly arranged, pharmacy-style brown bottles, a sign and a plant in a MUSKOTBLOMMA pot
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        Personalised advice from specialists

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        How to pay, in store and online

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