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With the flick of a switch or a tap on an app, you can change a room’s atmosphere with a lamp. Want a cosy, calm vibe for movie night? Some pep to start your day? Indoor lighting can set the mood, add style and of course, brighten things up. We’ve got indoor lamps covered from floor to ceiling.

Cosy lighting, inside and out

Lighting does more than keep the darkness at bay. It's also an easy way to lift spirits and set a cosy mood. For double effect, use your windowsills. Eye-catching and decorative for outside as well as inside.

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A living room with a FÄRLÖV sofa, a LINDBYN mirror and three black GRINDFALLET pendant lamps hanging from the ceiling.
In a living room, a VINGMAST lamp shade hangs over SVALSTA nest tables. An EVALI throw is draped over a KIVIK sofa.
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Work lamps for better focus

You’ll find it easier to focus on what you’re doing when you have an adjustable lamp that lets you shine the light exactly where you want it.

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A white NYMÅNE work/wall lamp with a cable connected to its USB port is clamped to a dark grey/white LAGKAPTEN/KRILLE desk.
A nickel-plated FORSÅ work lamp sits on a white surface near some ALEX drawer units on castors which are under a window.
Two dark grey TERTIAL work lamps are mounted on a wall where there are also some illustrations.
A close-up of the arm and adjustable head of a VIRRMO work lamp, made of nickel-plated steel.
A black/silver-colour HÅRTE LED work lamp stands on a desk next to a framed picture of flowers and a computer.
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