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Candle holders, candles & tealights

Who says you need a special occasion to light some candles? Not us. Even a tiny flame and a small candle holder lets you create a cosy atmosphere anytime. With our wide range, you’ll find all you need to dim the lights and turn on the atmosphere. Because it’s Tuesday and time to celebrate.

Add a glimmer of old-world charm with these elegant tealight holders

Elevate the everyday with SMÄLLSPIREA tealight holders. “I love being inspired by old things at flea markets and I’m an enthusiastic glass collector,” says designer Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä. “When I designed the series, I wanted to make modern products reminiscent of traditional glass from times gone by.”

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Five clear glass SMÄLLSPIREA tealight holders, three with tealights, are placed on a side table by a window.
Five SMÄLLSPIREA tealight holders, with three stacked up, are placed on a side table by a window with lace curtains.
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Create the right atmosphere with scented candles

Scents are a powerful way to create a feeling in any space; different scents bring different moods. Discover how our new scented candles – made in collaboration with British designer Ilse Crawford – can create your desired atmosphere at home.

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