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Desk chairs

Comfortable desk chairs mean you can spend more time concentrating on work, rather than a pain in your back. Ours come with features like armrests, height-adjustable seats, and tilt functions that your body will love. And the different styles mean they fit in wherever you want to work in comfort.

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More variantsLÅNGFJÄLL Conference chair

LÅNGFJÄLL Conference chair, Gunnared beige/blackLÅNGFJÄLL Conference chair, Gunnared blue/whiteLÅNGFJÄLL Conference chair, Gunnared blue/black

More variantsLOBERGET / MALSKÄR Swivel chair + pad

LOBERGET / MALSKÄR Swivel chair + pad, white/dark greyLOBERGET / MALSKÄR Swivel chair + pad, white black/dark grey

More variantsMILLBERGET Swivel chair

MILLBERGET Swivel chair, Murum beigeMILLBERGET Swivel chair, Murum golden-brown

More variantsELDBERGET / MALSKÄR Swivel chair

ELDBERGET / MALSKÄR Swivel chair, beige/blackELDBERGET / MALSKÄR Swivel chair, dark grey/blackELDBERGET / MALSKÄR Swivel chair, green/black

More variantsLOBERGET / MALSKÄR Swivel chair

LOBERGET / MALSKÄR Swivel chair, white/black

More variantsALEFJÄLL Office chair

ALEFJÄLL Office chair, Grann beigeALEFJÄLL Office chair, Glose black

More variantsFLINTAN Office chair with armrests

FLINTAN Office chair with armrests, beige

More variantsLÅNGFJÄLL Conference chair

LÅNGFJÄLL Conference chair, Gunnared beige/blackLÅNGFJÄLL Conference chair, Gunnared blue/whiteLÅNGFJÄLL Conference chair, Gunnared blue/black

More variantsFLINTAN Office chair

FLINTAN Office chair, beige

More variantsHATTEFJÄLL Office chair with armrests

HATTEFJÄLL Office chair with armrests, Gunnared light brown-pinkHATTEFJÄLL Office chair with armrests, Gunnared medium greyHATTEFJÄLL Office chair with armrests, Smidig black

More variantsÖRFJÄLL Children's desk chair

ÖRFJÄLL Children's desk chair, white/Vissle blue/greenÖRFJÄLL Children's desk chair, white/Vissle light grey
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Sit in comfort with the right desk chair

Are you looking for the comfort of a gaming chair, or would a more flexible office chair that’s easy to move suit you better? At IKEA you’re sure to find the perfect seat for your style and space.

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FLINTAN office chair
    A beige conference chair with black legs and castors beside a white desk, and white and wooden drawer units.
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      Ergonomic chairs that are ready for anything

      Bring a little comfort to your office with an ergonomic desk chair such as an office chair. They’ll have your back so you can focus on the task at hand.

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      A dark-grey swivel chair with a high back standing in front of a grey desk. A computer is on the desk.
        A brown swivel chair next to a desk with a clock, a typewriter and other diverse items, a green plant and window.
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          Which computer chair should you buy? 

          If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, it’s essential that you maintain a good sitting posture. To prevent aches and improve blood flow, a computer chair should be ergonomic, comfortable and fit the dimensions of your computer desk. Consider the following functionalities to find the perfect desk chair.  

          Should I get a desk chair with or without wheels? 

          Nowadays, office chairs with wheels, or castors, are very common. They enable you to move around smoothly even while sitting. But if your desk is placed on a platform or an uneven floor, an office chair without wheels could be the better option.  

          Should I get a desk chair with or without armrests? 

          If you're planning on using your chair several hours each day, a chair with armrests could allow for greater comfort long-term. It's important that the armrests have the right adjustment. They should support your arms at the point where your elbows would naturally rest with your shoulders relaxed.  

          An ergonomic desk chair without armrests might be preferable if you’re looking for a lighter, more flexible computer chair. Armrests can cause an inconvenience if they block the chair from going under a desk. Chairs without armrests will fit a wider variety of desks. 

          How to adjust your desk chair 

          Once you have your new desk chair, you’ll need to adjust it for maximum comfort. Here is a step-by-step-guide on how to adjust a computer chair for comfort and better posture.  Remember that not all the desk chairs at IKEA can be adjusted in the ways described below. Check the product description to learn how you can adjust the desk chair you’re considering.  

          1. Adjust the seating 

          You should be able to sit as far back as possible on your chair, with your lower back firmly against the backrest. There should preferably be about a three-finger gap between the edge of the chair and the back of your knees. If that's not the case, adjust the seat slide.   

          2. Adjust the height  

          Your armrests should be at the same level as your desk. If your chair doesn't have any armrests use your arms as a guide. When placing your arms and elbows on the desk, they should rest at a natural angle. 

          3. Adjust the backrest 

          When sitting in front of your desk, try to sit upright for as long as possible. You can recline the backrest when you want to adopt a more relaxing posture. It’s a good idea to change your position from time to time to reduce wear on any one part of your body.