Tracking and managing your order

Do you want to know where the items you've ordered are right now? Or maybe you want to change something with regard to your order? Don’t worry, our tracking and managing service can help you.

Split deliveries

Sometimes we might send parts of your order from one warehouse and other parts from a different warehouse so you don’t have to wait. Different journeys, but with the same destination in mind. You can track the status of your items even if this is the case.

How to understand your order status 

Order created

We have received your order and will process it as soon as possible.

Order picked

Your order is ready and waiting to be sent to you.

Order dispatched

Your order has been sent from our dispatch area and is on its way to you.

Ready for collection

Your order is now ready to pick up from the store or pick-up point you have selected.


Your order has been successfully delivered.

Failed delivery

For some reason, your order was either cancelled by you or was not successfully delivered.


Your order was withdrawn from our system.

Need more help?

Question or query, help is at hand. Simply contact our customer services to answer your questions.