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Small storage & organisers

Stackable storage boxes for maximum organisation

    SAMLA series

    Our SAMLA storage boxes with lids are ideal for storing a lot of stuff without taking up a lot of space. They all have grips and are made of a see-through material.

      KUGGIS series

      Stay on top of organisation with boxes that stack on top of each other. Designed to be durable, KUGGIS also fits perfectly in BESTÅ furniture.

      Time to tidy up

      With new shapes and sizes, these baskets are a great addition to the super useful and decorative RISATORP series. In what creative ways can they be of help in your home?

      See the RISATORP series
      A RISATORP basket with birch handles sits on a rug on the floor, with balls of wool in it and knitting needles sticking out.
        A RISATORP basket with compartments containing miscellaneous items is on a black round side table next to an open notebook.
          See the RISATORP series

          Need something to pack the summer clothes in until next year? Or the kids' football stuff until next week? Explore our home storage and find ways to contain these things and more. Go for a transparent option if you want to see at a glance what's inside the box.