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Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
Colourful knobs attached at different heights to a hallway wall with child’s clothes and accessories hanging from them and a bench with shoes underneath in front
Three hallway organisation ideas you can do in less than a day
When the rain just won’t go away, don’t leave those household projects for another day. Use these rainy days to get your home in order. Here are three super-smart ways to organise your hallway in a day.

A couple of hours to spare
Who says you have to compromise on form to get good function? Not us. We’ve used these hanger knobs to add colourful organisation to the hallway. We’ve screwed the knobs to the wall at heights just right for everybody. But if you can’t put screws in the wall, these knobs come with a self-adhesive backing for an even quicker way to get organised.
A collection of corkboards and magnet boards arranged on a wall with a homemade calendar and postcards and letters attached
Half a day to spare
Keep track of who’s doing what and when. We fixed magnet boards to the wall for postcards and letters and we made a communal calendar using a corkboard and some tape. The boards can be placed vertically or horizonally for flexibility, meaning you can create your own customised wall of message boards.
A magnet strip with keys and notes attached and fixed next to the door
30 minutes to spare
Getting your hallway in order needn’t take an entire day - or even half a day. With the help of a magnetic knife rack from the kitchen department we’ve created a handy little home for keys. You can use magnets to attach notes and reminders, but metal keys ‘stick’ to the magnetic rack directly.