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Summer days are almost here

Pick up lightweight items like foldable sun loungers, beach chairs and picnic blankets from the new STRANDÖN collection.

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An open yellow/white dotted STRANDÖN parasol above a yellow/blue STRANDÖN sun lounger with two FORMSKÖN water bottles.
An open SPARTANSK water bottle and an UPPFYLLD paring knife on an in/outdoor pale green STRANDÖN tray table.
The legs of a person lying on a beach on a STRANDÖN picnic blanket inside a green/blue STRANDÖN pop-up sun/wind shelter.
On a sunny day, a white green/blue STRANDÖN beach chair and patterned/bright green SOMMARFLOX cooling bag are on a pier.
A white green/leaf pattern STRANDÖN picnic blanket inside a green/blue STRANDÖN pop-up sun/wind shelter.
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Kids just want to have fun

Having a barbecue or picnic with children? It’s always a good idea to keep KALAS plates handy and plan kid-friendly snacks around.

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Two children use KALAS cutlery to snack on fruit cubes arranged on KALAS plates. Four KALAS mugs are on the table.
Two children look happy as one of the children holds a pole with a prize-filled ISTAD resealable bag clipped to it.
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Bring the party wherever you are

Who needs a reason to party? Just grab a table, claim a space, order some pizzas and gather your best mates.

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A person wearing a light purple shirt and striped jeans is sitting and holding a KALLSINNIG glass full of lemonade.
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Looking to update your outdoor furniture?

Whether your after new sun lounge to relax this summer or new couches to enjoy time with family and friends the SEGERÖN collection has something for you.

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Shop the SEGERÖN series

Outdoor lighting ideas for an evening with family and friends

Well-thought-out outdoor lighting with the right combination of lamps, lanterns and lighting chains does a lot for setting a nice party atmosphere in your outdoor space.

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