Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.

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LÄBORG rug, low pile LÄBORG rug, low pile LÄCKÖ series LÄCKÖ table and 2 chairs LÄCKÖ table LACK series LADDA battery charger LADDA rechargeable battery LADDA rechargeable battery LAGAN BF275 extractor fan LAGAN HGA4K gas hob LAGAN integrated dishwasher LAGAN OV3 oven LAGAN single-lever kitchen mixer tap LAGAN wall mounted extractor hood LAGAN worktop LAGG pot stand LAGRA spotlight LAGT ironing board cover LAIVA bookcase LAIVA desk LAMPAN table lamp LAMPAN table lamp LAMPAN table lamp LÄMPLIG chopping board LÄMPLIG pot stand LÄMPLIG trivet LANDET 13-piece farmhouse with animal set LANGÖR curtains, 1 pair LÅNGVARIG paper napkin LANSA handle LANSA handle LANSA handle LANSA handle LANSA handle LANTLIV series LAPPLAND TV storage unit LAPPLJUNG collection LAPPLJUNG RUTA rug, low pile LÄSKIG glove puppet LÅTER table lamp LÅTSAS 12-piece shopping basket set LÄTTAD place mat LÄTT children's table with 2 chairs LÄTTSAM baby bath LÄTTSAM stor baskets changing tbl set of 3 LEDARE LED bulb E14 LEDARE LED bulb E14 LEDARE LED bulb E27 LEDARE series LEDBERG LED 3-piece lighting strip set LEDSJÖ LED wall lamp LEGITIM chopping board, set of 2 LEGITIM chopping board LEGYM 2-piece salad servers set LEIRVIK bed frame LEIRVIK bed frame LEKA baby gym LEKA mobile LEKANDE bedspread LEKANDE bedspread LEKARYD LED table lamp LEKARYD LED table lamp LEKA series LEKA soft toy, ball LEKKAMRAT series LEKMAN box LEKMAN mini chest of drawers LEKMAN mini chest with 2 drawers LEKSVIK desk LEKSVIK desk LEKSVIK rack with 5 hooks LENDA curtains with tie-backs, 1 pair LENDA curtains with tie-backs, 1 pair LENDA fabric LENDA fabric LENDA fabric LEN fitted sheet LEN fitted sheet LEN fitted sheet for cot LEN fitted sheet for ext bed, set of 2 LENHOVDA frame LEN mattress protector LENNART drawer unit LEN pillow for cot LEN quilt for cot LEN STJÄRNA quilt for cot LEOPARD highchair with tray LERAN pendant lamp LERDAL chandelier LERSTA floor/reading lamp LEVANGER mirror LEVANGER mirror LIALOTTA plastic-coated fabric LIATORP/HENRIKSDAL table and 4 chairs LIATORP bookcase LIATORP series LIDAN basket, set of 2 LIDAN basket, set of 4 LIDAN door-mounted storage
LIKGILTIG tablecloth LIKNANDE decoration set of 2 LIKSIDIG napkin holder LILLABO series LILLA children's potty LILLÅNGEN mirror cabinet 1 door/2 end units LILLÅNGEN mirror cabinet 2 doors/1 end unit LILLÅNGEN series LILLÅNGEN washbasin base cabinet with 2 door LILLÅNGEN washbasin cab 1 door/2 end units LILLÅNGEN washbasin cab 1 door/4 end unit LILLÅNGEN washbasin cab 2 doors/2 end units LILLÅNGEN washbasin cabinet with 1 door LILLÅNGEN washbasin cabinet with 2 doors LILLARYD frame LILLEPLUTT soft toy LILLHÖJDEN swivel chair LILLHOLMEN ceiling/wall lamp LILLHOLMEN series LILLHOLMEN wall lamp LILLIVI fabric LILLNAGGEN hook rack LILLNAGGEN shelf LILLNAGGEN squeegee LILLNAGGEN toilet roll holder LILL net curtains, 1 pair LIMHAMN series LINBLOMMA quilt cover and 2 pillowcases LINBLOMMA quilt cover and 2 pillowcases LINDSDAL handle LINDSDAL knob LINDVED side table LINJAL glass shelf LISELOTT roller blind LITER table lamp LJUDA place mat LJUDA place mat LJUSA LED torch, hand-driven LJUSÅS UVÅS table lamp LJUSÅS YSBY table lamp LJUSNAN box with lid, set of 3 LJUSNING frame with LED lighting LJUST series LOCKIG children's potty LOCKSTA easy chair LÖDDER broom LÖDDER bucket with wetmop LÖDDER bucket with wringer LÖDDER dustpan/broom LÖDDER dustpan LÖDDER wet mop LODRÄT beer glass LÖJLIG hobby horse LÖKÖ parasol base LÖNSAM carafe LOSJÖN hanger LOSJÖN soap dish LOSJÖN soap dispenser LOSJÖN toilet brush LOSJÖN toilet roll holder LOSJÖN toothbrush mug LOSSNEN replacement brush LOTS mirror LOTSUDDEN/FISKÖ parasol with base LOTSUDDEN gazebo LOTSUDDEN parasol LÖVA bed canopy LÖVBACKEN side table LOVLIG vase LUDDE sheepskin LUDDE sheepskin LUFSIG soft toy LUGN bowl LUGN plate LUGNT scented candle in glass LUGNT scented candle in glass LUGNT scented candle in glass LUGNVIK sofa bed with chaise longue LUNDAMO mirror LUNDSKÄR wash-basin mixer tap with strainer LUNS writing/magnetic board LUSTIFIK hat/shoe rack LYCKAD oven/serving dish set of 2 LYCKAD oven/serving dish set of 2 LYCKOAX quilt cover and 2 pillowcases LYCKOAX quilt cover and 2 pillowcases LYCKSELE HÅVET mattress LYCKSELE LÖVÅS mattress LYCKSELE MURBO mattress LYCKSELE series LYCKSELE storage box 2-seat sofa-bed LYKTA table lamp LYNÄS door mat LYNÄS rug, flatwoven LYNDBY fabric LYNDBY throw LYRIK pendant lamp shade LYRIK series LYSTER block candle holder